Bangalore based Healthtech startup MedPiper Technologies is building pipeline of opportunities for healthcare professionals and organizations

MedPiper is connecting healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations to form a symbiotic relationship. They have two products under MedPiper Technologies – MScribe and MConnekt. MConnekt enables doctors to find jobs and upskill their careers. MScribe is a tool that offers an online prescription for future consultation processes.

Pranay Suyash has completed his Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering and later pursued Marketing from the FORE School of Management. He had previously worked with Wipro and HPCL. Along with Nitthin Chandran, he has launched MedPiper. The venture’s mission is to eliminate this information asymmetry, especially related to the existing healthcare workers.

MedPiper Technologies – MScribe and MConnekt

Pranay says, "We started in the middle of the pandemic, we got officially registered in June 2020. We are focused on the B2B side of healthcare. Our primary objective is to help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations identify and fill up their vacancies, shortcomings in healthcare, or upskilling the career. We connect these two to form a symbiotic relationship. We have two products – MScribe and MConnekt.”

“Through MConnekt, healthcare professionals can find jobs, courses, upskilling platforms for their careers, or read blogs written by them or for them. On the other hand, we have institutions that provide vacancies for long/short term jobs or want their professionals to improve their position.” 

“MScribe is focused on independent private practitioners who have their own clinic or working with other clinics where they need IT support for making online prescriptions, notifications to their patients, or preserving all the prescriptions in one place for the future consultation process. It helps practitioners in building brands and preserving patient’s data (history),” speaks Pranay.

USP of MedPiper Technologies

Pranay describes, “The healthcare professional's job market is very different when compared to other professionals, their requirements are very much different. Healthcare professionals cater to multiple organizations at one time, they are not just limited to one organization. They may visit an organization for a day OPD or for a short duration (3-4 hours) or full-time practice. So, we build a comprehensive profile of these professionals which further help them to build the brand, upskill their position in the market or apply for their desired job profile.”

Pranay expresses, “As I said, the requirement for each healthcare professional varies from one another. We do have tie-ups with medical associations of three states – Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and private associations as well. We are working closely with different government agencies. We also do CME and CTE sessions. CME is Continuing Medical Education which is necessary for doctors and dental practitioners to get credits for continuing their licenses. The credit point is the government requirement for the renewal of licenses for doctors. Earlier these sessions were conducted offline but during the pandemic, it was difficult for these doctors to connect and teach. So, we identified this problem and gave the best solution to connect through zoom and keep the session continuing amidst the pandemic. This way we started getting profiles and afterward they started contacting us for building profiles, resumes, job searches, writing, etc. This is how we build our database.”

Funds and their utilization

Pranay states, “Funding has helped us establish what we wanted to build. Funds are being invested to hire good people. By introducing our product in the market, we got good visibility from venture capitals and other angel investors. The total funding we have received so far is 2 million USD. It is helping in building a better brand, and a good team for product development and improvement. So basically, funds are utilized primarily for hiring and then for branding and marketing.”

Plan for expansion

Pranay adds, "For 2022, we are targeting to build a PAN India presence. We want to build connections with other big institutions and bring more doctors on our platform."

Revenues for FY 21-22

Pranay mentions, “We were pre-revenue till now. Now, we are getting attraction and working on the revenue cycle. We are also focused on converting pilot projects into revenue-generating sources.”

Goals to achieve

Pranay emphasizes, “There are a few goals for 2022. The first is to improve our revenue sources. Instead of having 65,000 verified healthcare professionals, we want to double this number. We want to deliver the best services and better products with more engagements.”

Pranay concludes, “We wanted to target the healthcare space and build a pipeline of all the opportunities that would be there for healthcare professionals.

(Edited by Renu Gupta)


Contributed By: Pranay Suyash, Co-founder of MedPiper Technologies
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