Need personal care or relief providing products in the middle of the night find these 24x7 smart machines at your service soon

“Machines will provide a range of products like COVID-related products, personal care products like shoulder pads, sanitary pads, FMCG snacking, basically all that we need on a daily basis,” says Virendra Sharma and Vikas Soni, Co-founders,

     Any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals is known to be Artificial Intelligence or AI. It is the world's largest and most complete general knowledge base and commonsense reasoning engine. 

Virendra Sharma, Co-Founder of Better Health Technologies, started his career with IT giant Infosys. He is also a Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and a Motivator who helps build confidence amongst people.

Vikas Soni, Co-Founder, Better Health Technologies, has done his Financial Modeling & Business Planning skills from IIT Delhi. He is focused, intelligent, a sharp thinker, and goal-oriented. 

Better Health Technology is India's first AI-driven smart machine in the healthcare sector which basically is a novelty dispensing machine using cutting-edge patented technology to dispense a plurality of products & services 24 X 7. It is covered under Make in India, Startup India, and is DIPP Certified and attached with FITT. It is able to dispense various different types including Hygiene Products, Lifestyle Products, and FMCG Products related to healthcare and innovation in nature. They have recently trademarked their product name ' Kumpel '. 

The goal of Better Health Technologies

Vikas explains the goal of their company, “We aim to build, operate and maintain machines which can dispense a plurality of the healthcare products which can take care of the users’ general health. Machines will provide a range of products like COVID related products, personal care products like shoulder pads, sanitary pads, FMCG snacking, basically, all that we need on a daily basis. Once we are out of home, we need protection, so our machine will provide that protection round the clock which one requires. We aim that these machines are available everywhere like an office; residential societies, metro stations, and we want to demonstrate value on convenience and care in our operations. These machines will be operated by a voice command mechanism that will permit the hygiene dispensing of products. Also, to make the day brighter, what we have added is loads of loyalty programs for the users and cash backs for general and local offices,” he says.


The journey of creating the machine

Virendra throws light on the matter, “In 2017, Vikas and I were at IT Delhi program, we both found a gap that there was a healthcare sector which can be sought after. We struggled hard through our jobs and worked on our prototype. We made 4 – 5 prototypes and we used to carry that bulky machine with us in the car in case a client wanted to see it and it was day-to-day hardship and work so we spent 1.5 yrs researching the product and finally came out with a technology-driven product. During the prototype design, Vikas and I used to travel with the prototype even after our office hours and sometimes not leave the office as well. I took a night job and in the daytime, I was working on the design of this prototype. So basically working 24x7 on this kind of thing and what I felt was, being an entrepreneur you need to have a free mindset to control the things in your own way to know what you are good at, where are the gaps, who can solve the social problems and the new innovative and thinking solutions and look for various opportunities in the market for the people as well. So if the person has not suffered, he knows where the pain of survival is in a short time. So whatever the phase was in entrepreneurship, this was the toughest space we both had. Then we thought of quitting our jobs and taking forward our dream towards reality,” he says.


Experience of being a dynamic personality

Virendra talks about his experience of being a Startup Mentor, TEDx speaker, 21times Keynote Speaker, Corp; Tech Trainer, Motivator, Consultant, and a Coach, “I never thought that I would be a speaker and motivator. I thought my passion was to boost confidence and motivation in others. But in 2013, I started when somebody challenged me on my skills and my very first session at the AMITY University but I didn’t lose faith and kept going as I thought to myself that it is a learning phase and self-learning is the biggest lesson in life. The challenges of being a trainer are not easy to achieve when there is tough competition in the market and you know that people keep asking a lot of questions and they have a long list of expectations as well. Then in 2017 I met Vikas and we started working on this prototype as well and now we do have plans in future as well on training, once our product is fully-fledged in working and open to the market we shall also move to the market, not like a training institute but it would be something tech-driven company that would be focusing on real-time problems that are our main motive,” he says.

COVID was unable to bog us down

Vikas explains that “We have just started a year back and I will say that the role is entire of the cheerleader. We are working like butter on the toast like getting things done which are very difficult like standing in a queue at the bank and meeting people from IIT on the very same day. The range is very broad as entrepreneurs, you can take up certain roles down the line but currently, I and Virendra have been diligently pursuing the challenges which are immense and taking things as they come and envisaging this product 2 years back and then incubating it, getting funding and convincing the FIIT board and then getting certain seed funds from IIT, that was very challenging but the good thing is that in the very 1st meeting we got those funds from IIT. So it is mostly like a cheerleader, not a single day we can be bogged down, every single day we need to be up and about. Even COVID was unable to bog us down and it has been unable to penetrate our internal frame so we were so busy with our work that we were under pressure with our work to achieve something” he says. Virendra adds, “We both are cheerleaders to each other, if he is down I motivate him and vice versa. We are leaders for each other, we play a role that might be expecting a lot in terms of bringing change and the world needs to expand and transform the way people think so we have made a mindset as well that don’t get bogged down. Sometimes it so happens that people start with their entrepreneur journey and they have some financial problems or such situations come up that they are unable to carry on that they feel let’s go back to the job. But we were having the security that we were having our jobs as well and we had this design as well as we were unaware as to how things would go so from there we took a chance to move forward and we did. We complement each other in terms of roles, I am from an operations and marketing background so I take care of the meeting, Virendra is from an IT background so he takes care of the design and such. One of our mentors is a professor of dept. of design; he is helping us with the design of the machine. He is putting in his thoughts in designing a futuristic machine which is welcoming and one feels good when they use it,” he says.


What to expect from the machine?

Vikas and Virendra explain expectations to have from their machine, “Our machine focuses on helping people in these times only. So our machine will dispense COVID-related products as well and will reach the Government and Central Government as well so at least we know we are at the right place at the right time. COVID was an unfortunate outbreak, but our machines can provide solutions if you are in a corporate and you need a saridon which is Rs.29, what options do you have? You need to leave the office and search for a pharmacy, you waste 30 mins from your time in the bargain or you call for it through an e-pharmacy but they do not deliver your order below Rs. 100/- and even if they do if they know you, they might take good 2 – 4 hours to and defeats the purpose of good and quick healthcare so this is the gap that we are looking to bridge with our product,” they say.


Better Health Technologies is one of the 100 business IIT Delhi has incubated

Virendra and Vikas are proud of the fact that IIT Delhi is ranked first among government engineering colleges in India by India Today in 2020 and that they are a part of the team and proud of the fact that they are a part of the 100 business IIT Delhi has incubated, “It is an inspiration to be a part of a vibrant community on a daily basis. Not only students but also the faculty are working on certain projects so all have an entrepreneurial mind. So let’s say, you are walking on the campus road you will see a student coming up with a drone, another student is designing a bike, someone is working on a baggage trolley so you feel that everyone is busy with their own work and developing and creating a niche for their own selves. FIIT is the main body and we have incubated with them and they have given us a good ecosystem and we have an office in IIT. Our design is done by the design department and we have interns from IIT to help us and we can go to any department and ask for help in case we are stuck. That actually is what they offer and it is a great feeling,” says Vikas. Virendra adds, “I remember in 2006 I appeared for IIT JEE and I was having a dream to enter IIT Delhi, but I never thought that just doing an executive program we would be able to enter IIT Delhi and have our own office at FIIT now. It really is a proud moment for both of us. The mantra that I always look at is – ‘Look beyond your limits to achieve your success.’ Just work and push yourself and you will definitely land on your targets, don’t quit, keep trying something or the other and you will hit the jackpot,” he says.


Our machines will touch upon each one’s life

Vikas shares his personal thoughts, “We are happy to reach out to the readers of Our machines will touch upon their lives one day or the other. People can reach out to us in case they want to sell or market their products. Or the corporate would want to deploy our machines in their offices; they are most welcome to reach out to us,” he says. Virendra adds, “Medicircle and we are both in the healthcare platform and Medicircle will definitely go way forward and we wish that more start-ups come and join your platform soon,” he says.

You can reach them at-

Phone Number - 9999910902 / 9910026353

Email - [email protected] 


Edited By Rabia Mistry Mulla

Contributed By: Virendra Sharma and Vikas Soni, Co-founders, Better Health 
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