Non-Invasive Healthcare Monitoring Is Now Possible With EYVA

Regulating and monitoring your health is very important these days. Sunil Maddikatla brings about a change in the healthcare ecosystem with a healthcare gadget called EYVA which is making a buzz these days. Track and monitor your health to prevent health complications for a healthy future.


About 16 percent of men aged 70 years and above were reported to have very high glucose levels. As per the results of a large-scale survey in 2019, a majority of Indian respondents who stated to regularly tracked their ECG heart rates wereyoung adults between 20 and 44 years of age.

The non-invasive monitoring device market is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028. Data Bridge Market. The research analyses the market to reach an estimated value of USD 28,564.69 million and grow at a CAGR of 6.23% in the above-mentioned forecast period.

Sunil Maddikatla is the Founder and CEO of BlueSemi Hyderabad-based startup. BlueSemi is based deep-tech startup with a mission to bring a positive transformation into people’s lives by making holistic wellness an integral part of their life with their one-of-a-kind innovation Evya

BlueSemi Journey 

Sunil Massikatla informs, “We started BlueSemi in 2017. It's been 5 years now. Though we started in 2017, the actual groundwork around technology started in 2015 itself. The vision for starting BlueSemi was to provide a better quality of life for people on planet earth. We try to solve the problem which will globally impact where execution can start locally. We aim to then slowly expand globally. This was the thought process. My background has been in healthcare. When we started BlueSemi, we wanted to make sure that people have an informed way of living throughout their lives. This is an inspiration from the Japanese concept called “Qi” which promotes healthy living to avoid chronic illness."

The flagship product -EYVA

Sunil Massikatla explains, “ EYVA is a health and wellness gadget that helps understand the body better. Each of them behaves differently. For example, eating dosas for south Indians the body would react in different ways causing a high glucose rate and low metabolic rate whereas pizza is absolutely fine. We wanted people to understand themselves and bio-experiment with it. For example, drinking a glass of water will help to maintain a better metabolic rate. So far there was no actual means to measure or understand the same. When you can measure, you can understand it and continue it. 

EYVA is a gadget and we did not want to build it as wearable in the first form for multiple reasons. It is a family gadget and 4 people can use it in a single go.”

Lives touched so far 

Sunil Massikatla states, “So far we have impacted around 3000+ lives with EYVA with continuous readings have been taken on to understand data in a much better way. It gives daily, monthly and weekly trends. This monitors health to take preventive measures. The goal is to impact 120k lives as a benchmark. We started slow for a reason we wanted to understand more about it. EYVA is the first-of-a-kind gadget that the world is seeing. There may be user experience or functionality-related feedback which may be constructive from the consumer point of view which we might want to take into account, improvise it and make it better.”

EYVA functionality- Patient data to medical professional 

Sunil Massikatla informs, “We are working on multiple improvements on the EYVA app. Patient data can be made available to medical professionals by sharing a screenshot quickly and making it available on whats app. We are also introducing real-time synching of data with the rest of the profiles. The data on your app is very private to you. You can share it with whomever you wish to. For example- If you are in the USA and would like to keep a track of your parents' health in India- it is possible with EYVA. Parents can share access with their kids and can see data in real-time. Taking reading right now is immediately reflected in children’s profiles as well. Similarly, they can share their data with healthcare practitioners as well because the majority choose to stick to family doctors which allows them to keep a check on their health status. We are further improvising on the gadget which can allow sharing of data in report format with real-time data."

Revenues in FY 2022- 2023 

Sunil Massikatla says, “We started with our sales recently and we have put an upper limit on the number of units going out. We are further controlling deliveries as well. We must take all the constructive feedback so that the user does not get uncomfortable at a later point in time. We have made some thousands of dollars which is very encouraging for us while we hit the market. The goal with EYVA is not to focus on revenues. There are huge benefits of using EYVA that surpass what they have spent and it will be very beneficial for people. This is what we are going to provide to end users as they started trusting us at an early stage. This is as good as buying your first smartphone without knowing what it's gonna do. These are daring and courageous people who spend their money and support a startup doing something. We are going to give extremely valuable benefits on the money they have spent for EYVA. The money that we are taking for the product is the validation of efforts put behind EYVA.”

Future expansion and goals for BlueSemi 

Sunil Massikatla informs, “When EYVA was showcased on the world's largest stage at Consumer Electronic Showcase Las Vegas, we introduced EYVA in Paris with the support of the Indian Govt. Though we unveiled it in Paris, we wanted to launch it first in India. We are looking to spread into other geographies. But, being a startup and small team now, we know our limitations. We are in a phase where now we are scaling up. In the last 1.5 months, we have increased our team size by 40%. We are planning to expand into other geographies like the USA and Europe. At the moment, we are focusing on India. We are proud that we have brought this product to India and there are the first free people on planet earth who can touch and feel it."

Learning shared by BlueSemi through the entrepreneurial journey 

Sunil Massikatla emphasizes, “BlueSemi allowed me to inculcate some patience within me. I was generally towards the aggressive side, with instant result-oriented work 5 years back. In the last 5 years, one thing that I have learned is patience. It was not easy in 2017 to look into the future to come out with a product after 5 years. This is a long projection for us. We followed the progress day by day. We are working with immense speed but still, it is not sufficient to build a tech like this. Patience and endurance in the startup world are a must to crack the market with it."

Edited By: Dr.Rati Parwani 

Contributed By: Sunil Massikatla, Founder & CEO of BlueSemi 

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