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Subhasish Sircar talks about Health Vector Solutions for wellness and preventative domains. He talks about the health analytics solutions which help in providing smart reports for the prevention of diseases and maintaining optimum health for all.

Indian healthcare infrastructure is designed to support acute diseases more than chronic ones. Chronic diseases require personalized and long-term monitoring to effectively lower the associated risks. For instance, in the case of chronic diseases like diabetes, 80% of patients can face an untimely death if proper monitoring is not provided.

Subhasish Sircar says, “I had a personal tragedy where I lost my friend who was 32 years and he died due to cardiovascular diseases. I quit my job and started working on how to prevent this. The word “prevent” has a different meaning for everybody. The word “prevent” means how I can prevent diabetic from going into complications. Once you prevent diabetes from going into complications, there are many organizations that do that. Health vector helps in monitoring a person before the person becomes diabetic. This means calculating the risk of the person becoming a diabetic and then from there lowering the risk so that the person never becomes diabetic. Prevention has a different meaning to different people.

We are into predicting and preventing disease. This is one of the focus points for Health Vector and I started this journey with a van and the money was invested by Angel Investors. I visited the corporate location and took various parameters of the health of some corporate employees and showed them about smart health to prevent diseases. We started in India and our presence is in various markets abroad. Health Vector is a personal healthy analytics company headquartered in Bangalore, India and we are a team of 13 people. We are focussed on the wellness space and illness is something we prevent. We are focussed on preventive wellness and predictive health. So, we have built a sophisticated analytics engine that took a long time to build. This creates output and smart reports - 

  • Health insights for individuals 
  • Health civil for the insurance company 

We are pioneers of people who built smart reports. These smart reports can look into a bunch of parameters to deal with health issues. Health data is complex and people try very hard to take charge of it. So, we help with these smart reports. Other companies like health insurance and labs have a lot of personal health data, but they do not derive value from that personal health data. If you look at the analytics engine today, it is capable of 300+ parameters simultaneously and it performs 70000 calculations and almost 10000 decisions are made by it before rendering solutions in a matter of seconds. ” 

USP of Health Vectors 

Subhasish Sircar informs, “Health Vector is the engine which we have been building in the last 8 years. This engine is very holistic in its wellness and domain knowledge. Now, it is used by several top labs in India and abroad. Health vector is the sole provider to labs and through that too individuals. We have actually worked towards the entire acceptance of the analytical engine. It is scrutinized and validated by 100 + doctors all over the world. 

We are focussed on holistic and preventative health. Not a single parameter is left. If you have multiple problems, we focus on preventing them right from what to eat and avoid and which doctor to see, and how to follow test results. The engine is created that sees you as a doctor and guides you to the next steps to avoid future complications. Health vectors analysis engines check all the parameters together and passed a test of time. Zyla and Healthy are aggregators and solve the last mile problem of the patient. They have medical specialists and their AI engine is more about answering patient queries. Our engine was created by a set of doctors with solutions in a matter of seconds with zero human touches. 

We can do 1000+ reports in a matter of seconds with accuracy. We have all references for end-users with the efficacy of the solution. Zyla and Healthy are not our competitors, they are in the same space as us and they are ample ways in which we can partners with us and they can always use our analytics to provide solutions to the end-user. ”

Funding of Health Vectors

Subhasish Sircar states, “When we started the company first in 2012, I got half a million dollars from friends and family. And then in 2018, we raised 1.1 million, so in total raised about 1.6 million. We didn't succeed as soon as we started so we had some money to fall back on. We are always generating revenue but we received the funds of 1.1 million, we used the funds to develop an analytics engine. It become much more versatile and customers have made it more important and we used that money to make it a product-market fit. Today, I feel happy to say that without any marketing team and sales team, we have been able to nice business because we have hit the product-market fit.”

Plans for Health Vectors for the year 2022 

Subhasish Sircar informs,” We have touched about 700 thousand lives till now from when we started. But, if I look at the march numbers now, it is another 700 thousand lives more for the next 12 months. But, next year we expect to touch 3.6 million lives.” 

Goals for Health Vectorsin the year 2022

Subhasish Sircar states, “We are going towards a bigger goal towards health and wellness. We are proud of our team going to add world-class teams to solve the amazing problems in this health space. We will also add to the sales team for international expansion finally, we are poised to go for the D2C act and we are in process of building an app too.

Edited By: Dr.Rati Parwani 

Contributed By: Subhashish Sircar, Founder & CEO, Health Vectors

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