Prostate cancer causes, symptoms, screening and treatment

Dr. Shalabh Agarwal gives insights for screening with early detection to prevent complications and advanced stages of cancer. He further gives hope to those suffering from metastasis of cancer to achieve a good quality of life for future years.

We at Medicircle are constantly working on bringing to our audience all the trending health-related topics. It is our primary objective to Bring to your attention news and views you need to be aware of to lead a healthy disease-free life. To help us in this regard we’d be joined by eminent and expert top doctors from across the country. Today in Doctor’s Speak we are going to talk about the problem of prostate cancer and ways to help you deal with it. 

Dr. Shalabh Agrawal is one of the most renowned & experienced surgeons in the field of Urology in India. He has over 19+ years of experience, with a special interest in Laparoscopic & Endo-urology. He has done his Masters in Surgery & MBBS from the famed Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. Following which he pursued his DNB (Urology) from the prestigious Army Hospital Research & Referral, New Delhi. Dr. Agarwal has expertise in Prostatic diseases, Urolithiasis, Pediatric urology, Urinary cancers Procedures, and Andrology. He has performed more than 10000 urological procedures.

Prostate cancer can be fatal

Dr. Shalabh Agarwal, informs, “Yes, as with the other types of cancer, prostate cancer can be fatal. But, prostate cancer mortality is lower as compared to other cancers. Prostate cancer is slowly progressing. The time of diagnosis can affect the mortality and fatality rate. Do not get scared of prostate cancer instead, the patients should work towards treating it.”

Prostate cancer and back pain 

Dr. Shalabh Agarwal says, “Prostate cancer can affect the bones due to metastasis. Prostate cancer can spread in the spine, back, and hip bones. It is very common in the case of prostate cancer. When this cancer spreads in bones, it may harden the bones called osteosclerotic metastasis. The bones of the vertebral column may lose shape and get deformed. Deformed bones may compress the nerve and cause pain. This back pain comes due to compression of the nerves. If the back pain is due to prostate cancer, then effective treatment is possible in such cases through surgery and medicines. This can prevent the further progression of the disease and improve the quality of life of patients."

Recurrence of prostate cancer

Dr. Shalabh Agarwal states, “ There are many stages of prostate cancer- 

Low-Risk prostate cancer with low recurrence 

Medium Risk prostate cancer with medium recurrence

High-Risk Prostate cancer with increased recurrence."

Spread of cancer 

Dr. Shalabh Agarwal informs, “It is slow-growing cancer and can spread to surrounding areas. It can spread to the urinary bladder, ureters, and rectum. It can also spread in pelvic lymph nodes. It involves the bones, liver, lungs, and brain in the late stage of metastasis who have neglected the treatment. It can aggressively affect the soft organ tissues.”

Symptoms of prostate cancer 

Dr. Shalabh Agarwal informs, “Prostate cancer has no symptoms as such. It is related to age and may cause urinary issues. Patients above 70+ years of age have a 70% chance of prostate cancer which is evident on biopsy. Urinary troubles like blood in urine and control of urine are very common in cases of prostate cancer. Other symptoms can be organ-specific based on metastasis. If you are above the age of 50 + and have urinary troubles with a family history of prostate cancer, screening is important for prostate cancer. The urologist may check for rectal examination and PSA antigen with Biopsy.”

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)

Contributed by Dr. Shalabh Agarwal, Consultant Urologist)
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