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Statement to the press by Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe

Today, it is a little more than four scheduled a long time since the main instances of novel coronavirus were formally announced in the WHO European Region.

Let me furnish you with a concise outline of the present circumstance in regards to COVID-19 over the 53 nations, and 900 million individuals living in the WHO European Region. As of this current week, there have been more than 2 million affirmed instances of COVID-19 over the Region, and lamentably, more than 175,000 individuals have passed on.

Maybe a less announced, yet similarly disturbing figure is that since early March, in excess of 159,000 overabundance passings, matching with the pandemic, have been accounted for from 24 European nations. These are passings well beyond what we would have expected ordinarily during this season.

In view of case data answered to WHO, 94% of all COVID-19 passings were in people matured 60 years or more, and 59% of every one of the individuals who kicked the bucket were men. 97% of all passings were among those with at any rate one hidden condition, as per data accessible, with cardiovascular ailment the main comorbidity.

I wish the individuals who are sick from the sickness a full and quick recuperation and send my most profound compassion to individuals who have lost friends and family to the infection. Let me likewise rehash my genuine appreciation to those on the bleeding edge, in wellbeing, social and different administrations, working determinedly to spare lives.

In the course of recent days, aggregate cases in the European Region have expanded 15% and the Region despite everything represents 38% of cases and half of the passings all-inclusive.

The five European nations revealing the most noteworthy total quantities of affirmed COVID-19 cases in the course of recent days are the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Belarus, and Italy. Spain, Italy, the UK, and France keep on representing 72% of all COVID-19 passings in the Region.

Justifiably, as the weeks pass, individuals and government officials the same are anxious to revive organizations and come back to working environments. 48 nations over the WHO European Region are modifying their general wellbeing and social measures. The most widely recognized estimates that are facilitated first are the opening of trivial organizations and unwinding of local development limitations.

Allow us to recall that, we are not estimating lives against occupations, nor wellbeing against riches. This isn't an "either/or": There is no economy without individuals. There can be no monetary recuperation without COVID-19 transmission leveled out.

Gaining from the past, looking to the future, I have 3 messages today. We should perceive: Controlling the infection and monetary recuperation go connected at the hip. COVID-19 effects all, however, some more than others – we can't bear to desert anybody. We can work back better – an alternate economy that is progressively equivalent and comprehensive. My first message: The most ideal approach to ensure the economy is to secure individuals.

Europe is entering a financial downturn. Financial yield is set to crumple in the main portion of 2020 with the greater part of the compression occurring in the subsequent quarter. It is then expected to get, accepting the infection is controlled. As indicated by the EU's Spring Economic Forecast, and I quote, "Gross domestic product is a figure to shrink by about 7½ % this year, far more profound than during the worldwide money related emergency in 2009, and to bounce back by just 6% in 2021. This bounce back, be that as it may, would leave the European economy, toward the finish of this gauge skyline, about 3% lower than the yield level inferred by the fallen figure."

At WHO we are worried that nations will react to this emergency similarly they did to the downturn 10 years prior. Numerous nations in Europe reacted to that emergency by cutting open spending on wellbeing. Somewhere in the range of 2008 and 2013, open spending on wellbeing per individual fell in around half of the nations in our Region. Those cuts kept numerous individuals from getting to the medicinal services they required. The neglected requirement for social insurance expanded in 19 out of 28 EU nations, influencing 3 million a bigger number of individuals in 2013 than in 2008. Moreover, up to 9% of family units were driven into destitution – or further devastated – because of paying cash-based for social insurance.

Nations that took the way of slices to wellbeing spending attempted to recoup from the financial stun.

We should gain from the errors of the past.

Today, our need must be to put resources into wellbeing, put resources into social insurance and, most importantly, maintain a strategic distance from grimness, which has crushed the lives of such a large number of in Europe.

Putting resources into wellbeing and social security – particularly when the economy is temperamental – is the characteristic of mindful arrangement activity.

My subsequent message is: COVID-19 has influenced every one of us, yet not all similarly.

The defenseless individuals in the public eye: individuals in casual work, individuals near destitution, moms living alone with kids – have gotten much progressively powerless because of COVID-19. However, as of late, we have seen numerous instances of activities by nations and networks to mitigate frailty, strengthen the social texture, and bolster wellbeing.

Social stipends for low pay families in Uzbekistan have been briefly stretched out by an additional half year. In Spain, rental help programs have been presented for vagrants and progressively meaningful salary security strategies are being presented. Volunteer associations in Serbia have assisted Roma youngsters with separation learning. Guardians with youngsters under 8 in Poland can get to an extra 14 days of childcare remittance. Joblessness advantages will be briefly accessible to consultants and independently employed individuals in Finland. National specialists are giving food, clinical supplies, and money related help to powerless individuals and kids in Kyrgyzstan.

COVID-19 has featured a key truth: when one of us needs wellbeing and care, we are all in danger. Nobody is protected until everybody is sheltered.

Arrangement creators have options, even in troublesome conditions. We can't stand to desert anybody. So my third message is this: Recovery must prompt an alternate economy. We consider it an economy of prosperity. An economy of prosperity implies: An economy that places individuals in the middle. An economy that gives a wellbeing net to everybody and ensures cutting edge laborers. An economy that adds to a green atmosphere and natural manageability. An economy where general wellbeing is viewed as a driver of employment in the wellbeing division, especially for youngsters and as a shield of economy, security, and harmony.

Past overcoming the malady, the incredible test all nations will before long face is whether current sentiments of regular reason will shape society after the emergency. As pioneers learned in the Great Depression, to request aggregate penance you should offer an implicit agreement that benefits everybody. The pioneers around then didn't trust that triumph will get ready for what might follow. We should prepare the will from lawmakers and individuals the same to make a superior society which is reasonable and ok for everybody. An economy where we desert nobody.

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