Bindas Bol with Dr. Kumar Kamble - Deaddiction Series - Episode-8- Relaxing without booze this lockdown

Dr Kumar Kamble gives an overview of alcohol addiction in COVID +ve patients which can cause a double impact on the body. He also explains that alcohol addiction can affect both COVID and non COVID patient. Dr Kamble emphasises on quitting alcohol benefits.

Every Thursday, we at Medicircle conduct a special series called Bindas Bol with Dr.Kumar Kamble. Dr.Kumar Kamble is not only a professional sexologist but also a de-addiction specialist. Dr. Kamble has special expertise and experience in working with the King Edward Memorial Hospital in the Deaddiction center for 4 years. 

Addictions have become part of our life this lockdown. Let us not forget that the majority of us are working from home during this pandemic. Many people are switching to alcohol and there is a change in the attitude of youngsters. This Episode of Bindas Bol with Dr. Kumar Kamble deals with Relaxing in this lockdown without boozing

At Medcircle, we are presenting the Ask The Expert Series on De-Addiction titled Bindas Bol with Dr. Kumar Kamble. Today, we are going to discuss addiction and its cure with Dr. Kumar Kamble to get the patients who are suffering from addiction back on track and to a normal life. 

Dr.Kumar Kamble is an expert Psychiatrist, De-addiction Specialist, Sexologist, Speaker, Mental and Sexual Health Educator. He is also associated with the Umang Clinic. He has worked with King Edward Memorial Hospital in the Deaddiction center for 4 years as a Medical Office Coordinator. Based on his rich clinical expertise in de-addiction, we have come up with the next series on De-addiction.

Alcohol use in tense situations 

Dr. Kumar Kamble says, “ Many people during this lockdown are in search of additives to relax them. Due to this reason, many people are switching to addiction. People are taking risk from this pandemic to relax with addictions. There are many tense situations that we deal with in our life like exams or results. We have faced the tense situations in a positive manner and dealt with it positively. We should face the lockdown tension with alcohol."

Alcohol does not relieve tension 

Dr. Kamble says, “Alcohol does not resolve the tension and workload. There are no advantages of boozing. You might feel good with alcohol which is temporary. The major disadvantage of this “feel-good factor” with alcohol may lead to more cravings. There are higher chances of getting trapped in this pandemic into this vicious cycle of alcohol addiction. Many people have idle time without work. This has led to addiction. Consumption of alcohol does not give you joy. We do not need alcohol to relax or stay happy. This message should be spread for awareness and proper education” 

Alcohol addiction with corona infection 

Dr Kamble says, “Alcohol and drug addiction is an illness. There can be many addictive substances like drugs, alcohol, heroin, smoking which can cause many problems in life. Drugs, alcohol and smoke attracts you to crave for more which worsens health. This can trap you in a vicious cycle of addiction. You should be determined if you want to break the cycle of addiction. You can take family support and counselling to set free of addiction”

COVID vaccination and alcohol addiction connection 

Dr. Kamble says, “Drinking regularly lowers the immunity. This may lead to erratic food intake and won't be able to fight with future infections. This creates health problems. Remember, if you are about to get vaccinated for COVID, stop the intake of alcohol. The benefits of stopping alcohol are as follows: 

You will be able to break the cycle of addiction Immunity power will improve  Help stay healthy  Take care of your body and mind.” 

Alcohol addiction and covid together 

Dr. Kamble informs, “Alcohol addiction causes double impact with corona infection. If you have been suffering from addiction illness, there are higher chances of producing corona. Corona infection and alcohol addiction impacts : 

Liver health: Overburdening of the liver with alcohol effects can result in dysfunctioning of the liver. The main function of the liver is detoxification and elimination of toxins and impurities. Damage to the liver may lead to penting up of toxins in the body causing jaundice. Alcohol addiction and corona infection can be difficult to treat. The medicines taken for COVID treatment will not show positive effects due to long-term liver damage by alcohol addiction. The patient is not able to digest the medicines properly which results in many problems. 

Mental health: Alcohol addiction may cause harm to the brain. The withdrawal symptoms due to stopping alcohol may cause sleeplessness. Alcohol disrupts the sleep and wake cycle. This results in delirium, confusion, and seizure. 

It is important to note just like we are taking precautions for COVID infection, avoid alcoholic drinks and stop alcohol addiction before it's too late. Preventive measures for de-addiction is a must." 

Post COVID alcohol addiction can affect recovery 

Dr. Kamble states, “Alcohol consumption regularly is not a habit but a disease. When alcohol addiction and COVID infection go hand in hand, it causes double impact on the patient. It is important to get detached and lose connection with the alcohol when you're home quarantined due to COVID. People suffering from alcohol addiction must take advantage of lockdown to quit addiction. Look out for advantage in this pandemic. Continue with de-addiction in this pandemic. If you get excessive craving for alcohol after quitting, then it is important to consult the psychiatrist. Take the anti craving medicines as prescribed by your doctor. You must be determined to quit addiction. This cures 50% of the problem. Seek help for alcohol addiction. Use this post recovery phase of COVID as an advantage to alcohol addiction.”  

Quitting alcohol benefits 

Dr. Kamble says, “Alcohol consumption harms health. 

As you quit alcohol and stop consuming it, the body turns into a recovery phase.  The most important point here to note is the recovery of financial losses which may occur due to quitting alcohol.  The family members of patients with addiction are not happy with it. The family members may not express their feeling about addiction 

It is important to keep addiction at bay to avoid the recurrence and episode of COVID."

Alcohol cannot increase longevity 

Dr Kamble says, “There is limited scientifically proven evidence and data about benefits of alcohol consumption. It is important to take minor details of the patient consuming alcohol. Alcohol is not approved to increase longevity.”

Alcohol and the feel-good factor 

Dr. Kamble, “When you take alcohol, there is a chemical surge in the brain which makes you feel good. You might crave to get the feel-good factor which may result in addiction. This may result in a vicious cycle of addiction. It is important not to try or consume alcohol for the first time too. Do not take the risk of alcohol exposure. It is important to learn to say “NO.” Alcohol consumption makes you feel high. The lockdown period is difficult to handle. Try new hobbies at home like preparing a work schedule. Take regular breaks during work. Thinking positive is a good idea in this pandemic."

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)


Contributed by Dr. Kumar Kamble, Psychiatrist, De-addiction Specialist, Sexologist
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