Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Ke Saath- Episode 11- Information for COVID patients and busting COVID myths

Karishma shah gives reliable and correct information for the COVID patients who are taking medications. She also informs the rampant spread of “Black Fungus” and gives a clear-cut view to keep sugar levels stable during this pandemic.

Every week we focus on diet and health tips especially pertaining to COVID scenarios to boost your immunity. It is important to take care of your immunity if you are COVID positive or Post COVID. We want people to be aware of the benefits of diet to keep their immunity at best. Today, we are going to discuss COVID myths and FAQ’s from the expert, Karishma shah 

At Medicircle, we are presenting the Ask The Expert Series for health awareness to understand facts and find solutions related to them. We have come up with a series of Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Ke Saath. Let’s interact with Expert Karishma Shah about the myths and FAQs of COVID 

Karishma Shah is a Renowned Nutritionist and Plant Diet based Food Coach. She is also a Weight Loss Expert, Diabetes and PCOS Educator & Certified in Psychology of Eating

Clarify your doubts about COVID

Karishma Shah says, “Being in the profession of health, I have easy access to health doctors and frontline workers. So I am going to speak as per the guidelines described by doctors and front-line workers. Kindly consult your doctor before consuming any supplements or medicines for COVID. There is a lot of confusion about the circulating viral messages on what's app. The protocols to follow for COVID symptoms are :

-Isolate yourself from other family members 

-Avoid direct contact with anybody in the family 

-Schedule the diagnostic test for yourself 

-COVID test  -CRP-test which points out the extent of inflammation in the body -CT-scan only if CRP levels are high -D-Dimer test to check the blood clots in the body  -CBC(Complete blood count ) to know the RBC, WBC, etc  -Hb A1c Diabetic test  -IL-6 test if you are anemic and fatigued  -Vitamin D3 level for correct supplementation 

Medicines for COVID 

Karishma Shah informs,” The first line of treatment which is recommended by doctors : 

-Doxy Antibiotic 100 mg  -Ivermectin Antifungal medicines 12mg  -Multivitamins  -Vitamin C -Folic acid -Zinc 

This is the first line of medicines in case of mild symptoms of COVID. Do not pop pills without doctors’ consultation. Do not take these medicines just for colds and coughs. Without being aware and not consulting doctors, these medicines can cause side effects and more harm to the body.”

Symptoms of Mucormycosis

Karishma states, “Mucormycosis is spreading rapidly. It is not just rumored. It is really happening. It is called “black fungus”. It is a fungal infection that is very rampant and starts to grow in the body. This is attacking diabetics mostly. Any diabetic kept under COVID care or taking steroids can result in a drop in immunity level. Immunosuppressants result in suppressing immunity. Symptoms of Mucormycosis: These may occur especially in diabetics

Paralysis of the left side of the body suddenly on waking up in the morning  Distortion of vision  Watering of the affected eye  Discharged from the affected eye Blindness of eye  Nasal discharge  Fever  Unusual fatigue 

If left untreated, it may affect the brain and cause damage. There are many live cases, especially in diabetics. So, Diabetics patients must take care of controlled sugar levels.”

Prevent Mucormycosis

Karishma says, “Taking precautions is important. Here are some preventative measures to combat Mucormycosis:

Don't get COVID  Stay at home  Wash your hands and sanitize it  Wear your double-mask correctly  Low Immune system  Control sugar levels, check and monitor sugar levels.   Right lifestyle  Correct medications  Consult Diabetes Educator  Avoid steroids if not required. Speak to your doctor. 

India is highly populated and the capital of diabetes. The country is raging diabetics. This Black Fungus can affect people and can be life-threatening at this point when cases of Mucormycosis are increasing. 

COVID and Cardiac Arrest 

Karishma informs, “There are many patients who are suffering from cardiac arrest. On emergency admission, they are also being tested as COVID positive. Cardiac arrest now-a-says is connected to COVID positive cases. This is ongoing hand-in-hand. These are the precautionary measures to be taken in such cases: 

Always keep aspirin at home if there is a history of cardiovascular disease Pop aspirin if you feel uneasy at the right time Stay Alert about your heart problems 

These are some simple steps for people with cardiovascular events. 

The correct way to check the parameter from Oximeters 

Karishma Shah states, “Oximeter is very essential to check your pulse, and oxygen rate. A lot of companies are manufacturing oximeters. So select and buy medical-approved oximeters. It is an investment for health. Do not try to save money and do not fake oximeters.

The right way to check with Oximeter 

Sit in a calm position and record the oxygen rate  Get and walk for 6 mins in the house  Sit in the same position  Recheck your oxygen levels  If it's below 94%, it is a matter of concern. Check the oxygen rate in room temperature space

This is the accurate method of checking the real parameters.” says Karishma  

(Edited by Dr. Rati Parwani)


Contributed by Karishma Shah, Nutritionist, and Plant Diet-based Food Coach
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