Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Ke Saath- Episode 9- Supplements for COVID and post COVID patients.

Karishma informs about the importance of diet and supplementation for COVID and post COVID patients. She gives important advice and guidelines for a good diet for COVID and post COVID patients.

COVID has created a lot of tension around the nation with the need for beds and oxygen cylinders leading to a lot of panics. It is immunity to focus on immunity to fight the COVID and recover from it. There are many patients who are suffering from COVID and need recovery for the same. We have come up with an episode with Karishma Shah on supplements for COVID and post COVID patients. 

At Medicircle, we are presenting the Ask The Expert Series for health awareness to understand facts and find solutions related to them. We have come up with the series of Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Ke Saath. Let’s interact with Expert Karishma Shah about the important supplements for COVID and post COVID patients. 

Karishma Shah is a Renowned Nutritionist and Plant Diet based Food Coach. She is also a Weight Loss Expert, Diabetes and PCOS Educator & Certified in Psychology of Eating

Important  supplements for COVID and post-COVID patients

Important Karishma Shah says, “There are some supplements which are very important for COVID and post COVID patients. 

Vitamin D: It is very important for recovery from COVID. With low immunity levels and deteriorating gut health due to antibiotics, vitamin D is very essential. Also, quarantine is led to a lack of sun exposure which is important for vitamin D. The dosage of 60k every 3 days can be taken for those suffering from COVID. The patients who have recovered from COVID can take one dose of Vitamin D 60k once in 15 days. 

Vitamin C: Small doses of Vitamin C may not help. Higher doses of Vitamin C of 100mg are required. There are effervescent tablets that can be mixed with water and chewable tablets as well available in the market. Dosage of Vitamin Dosage for Vitamin C 

  • For COVID patient: Vitamin C 1000 mg twice a day  
  • For the post-COVID patient: Vitamin C 1000 mg once a day  

Zinc: Absorption of vitamins is essential for the body. Intake of zinc can help in the absorption of vitamin C. 

Dosage of Zinc

50-60 mg of Zinc once a day 

Curcumin: It is a very powerful antioxidant and is present in the “haldi.” 

Dosage of Curcumin :

  • For COVID patients: 500mg of curcumin twice a day 
  • For post-COVID patients: 500 mg once a day 

These supplements will help our body recover faster. After a month, we can taper it down slowly. Consult your doctor and nutritionist in case of queries.”

Post-COVID recovery and consuming supplements

Karishma says, “Consuming supplements for 1 -1.5 months post the recovery of COVID is essential. The dosage should be gradually in the 2nd month. Continuing Vitamin D supplements once a month for everyone is a must. The rest of the supplements like vitamin C, zinc, and curcumin can be tapered gradually. Consume foods rich in curcumin like antioxidant foods.”

Consume natural food products from your kitchen 

Karishma informs, “ Consuming natural products from your pantry is very essential. Here is the list :

  • Two tsp of Haldi per day is essential
  • 1 full beetroot per day per person 
  • Drumstick or moringa powder two tsp is essential every day and can be mixed with water
  • Two tsp of cinnamon powder once a day can help a lot 

Incorporate with the supplements will help.” 

The best way to have the drumstick

Karishma states, “The best way to have a drumstick is with sambhar, idli, and dosa which are very high in probiotics. It is made through a natural fermentation process. It is lightweight and easily digested. The masalas and coconut chutney must be consumed with drumsticks. The drumstick soup is also very good with lentils; soups can be cooked every day in small amounts. It helps in weight loss as well.”

Boosting immunity with supplements are essential 

Karishma states, “There are mild symptoms noted in some patients with negative COVID reports, such as mild fever and fatigue. In such cases, lowering the inflammation in the body is very important. Focusing on the symptoms in case of deficiency is very important. Recovering naturally takes 1- 2 months time. In case of symptoms like fatigue, low appetite, weakness, and gastric disturbance, there can be chances of vitamin D deficiency, lack of antioxidants, and stress. Start with the 4 supplements which will help in case of symptoms.”

Supplements for mild cold

Karishma informs, “In case of respiratory problems like cough and cold, it is a clear sign of nutritional deficiency. This results in lower immunity levels and higher chances making you open for infections. Small doses of supplements for a long time can help.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D 
  • Vitamin B12
  • Regular steam inhalation 
  • Avoid dairy products for some time”

Guideline for COVID and post-COVID patients for a healthy diet 

Karishma says, “ COVID and post COVID patients can follow these guidelines to stay healthy. 

Pre- Breakfast

  • Do not consume tea or coffee directly on waking up. 
  • Consume one banana and five overnight soaked almonds followed by tea or coffee


  • Nonveg: Eggs can be consumed boiled or cooked 
  • Vegetarian: Make sure to consume and incorporate an oats diet in the form of oats chilla or porridge with fruits and dates for natural sweetness. 


  • Keep lunch simple and do not overpower it
  • Avoid wheat Rotis in your diet
  • Nachini or jawar roti is the best option instead of wheat 
  • A sabzi should be included in lunch like mixed vegetables
  • After lunch, wait for 15 minutes and then consume 4 cashews which are very good for gut health and curb sugar cravings.
  • Do not consume Roti and rice together. Consume one of them 

Mid snack 

  • After 1 hour of lunch, consume one bowl of curd raita or one glass of buttermilk. 
  • Avoid heavy and sugary lassi. 
  • Buttermilk with spices is a better option 

Evening snack 

  • Fresh lemon water with natural lemons, spices, and salt 
  • Fluid intake is required for post-COVID patients. 
  • Vegetable juices can be consumed 
  • Soups and Kadhas can also be consumed
  • Coconut water is important for the electrolyte balance 
  • Dry kokum infused with water and salt can be consumed in the evenings


  • Consume your dinner early in the evening before 8 pm to feel light and energetic in the morning 
  • Keep dinner simple with basic meals like dal rice, vegetable khichdi with soya granules
  • Avoid raw vegetables and go for cooked meals which are good for immunity and digestion."

Best soup for this season 

Karishma states, “Consuming cucumber soups cold is great for summers. It is alkaline in nature and helps to reduce infections. It is a light and clear soup. Add more cucumber with mint and coriander. Blend it well and strain to get a clear liquid. Add lemon juice, rock salt, and jeera powder. Consume this every day to improve alkalinity in the body.” says Karishma  

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)


Contributed by Karishma Shah, Nutritionist and Plant Diet based Food Coach

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