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Dr. Hari Ram Jhunjhunwala informs us that arthritis is an important problem as we age and should not be neglected. It should be treated at the right time. He also gives certain tips for prevention and how to deal with arthritis so that it does not occur again.

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Dr. Hari Ram Jhunjhunwala is Top Orthopedist in Marine Lines, Mumbai. He practices at Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Marine Lines, Mumbai. He has 47 years of experience in this field. Dr. Hari Ram Jhunjhunwala's qualification is BSc. MBBS, Diploma in Orthopaedics, MS Orthopaedic.

The main cause of Arthritis 

Dr. Hari Ram Jhunjhunwala, says, “The main cause of arthritis is the aging process. It is considered a degenerative process. Just like graying of hair occurs, similarly, the degenerative process of joints takes place. The Joint is separated by cartilage. Cartilage gets degenerated with age. When there is friction between the bones, the nerves get compressed. We must preserve the cartilage.”

Arthritis causes nerve pain

Dr. Hari Ram Jhunjhunwala informs,” The open nerve will cause pain in arthritis. When the cartilage degenerates, the nerve gets opened up and this causes pain.” 

Arthritis should not be left untreated

Dr. Hari Ram Jhunjhunwala informs,” Arthritis problems may increase causing deformities. This may affect walking in the future. The Joint cannot perform its functions and it will be difficult to use the joint in the future. With knee joint problems, there can be issues in walking.”

Reversal of Arthritis 

Dr. Hari Ram Jhunjhunwala informs,” If you do not treat it, then arthritis can occur again. There are many surgeries that come up for arthritis where there is a new joint replaced every year in case of arthritis. This joint can work for about 30 - 40.  years. This does not cause any problem.”

Prevention of arthritis 

Dr. Hari Ram Jhunjhunwala informs,” The tips for prevention of arthritis are as follows- 

Exercise regularly  Prevent arthritis  Use joints properly  Avoid overexercising in old age  Maintain muscle tone  Put less pressure on cartilage  Avoid bone valuable.”

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)

Contributed by Dr. Hari Ram Jhunjhunwala, Orthopedist, Bombay Hospital
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