Dr.A Velumani, Founder of Thyrocare Technologies gives a valuable insight into the coronavirus infection and solution to this infection through vaccinations

The RT -PCR is a tool only to test the positive cases of the COVID and not to check the severity of COVID informs Dr.A Velumani, Founder of Thyrocare Technologies. This valuable information and his focus to fighting coronavirus with vaccination gives us a ray of hope.

The second wave of COVID in India has many cases nationwide which has resulted in many deaths. Diagnosis plays a very important role in the COVID scenario. Early diagnosis is the key to early intervention in COVID and to defeat the transmission of the disease. Early detection of COVID will help in early treatment. Educating people about early detection is very important in this pandemic which can help early treatment and good prognosis in the patients. At Medicircle, we are conducting an interview series with eminent radiologist and pathologist from healthcare organization to give their valuable insights in our series “Role of Diagnosis in COVID”

Dr. A Velumani is an Indian scientist and Entrepreneur. He is a Founder and Managing Director of Thyrocare Technologies which has a chain of laboratories nationwide. He is an experienced doctor with 35 years of experience in the diagnostic business. After an immense experience of 15 years at Bhabha Atomic Research in thyroid biochemistry research, he started with Thyrocare in 1995. He is also an MD of Nuclear Healthcare in Radiology Diagnostics which is focused on PET CT.

Variants of coronavirus 

Dr.A Velumani says, “There are many variants of coronavirus. This emergence of coronavirus is 400 days ago with many variants. It is spreading in every continent in different variants. The virus is spreading at a rapid rate. A lot of research has been done about the same. The diagnostic test like RT-PCR  is available and has 99% efficacy.”

Coronavirus infection is life-threatening 

Dr.A Velumani informs, “The coronavirus is spreading rapidly and is life-threatening. This coronavirus has not given any signal of attack to the Prime  Minister, Chief Ministers, Health ministers, scientists, and epidemiologist nationwide. No one can judge the end phase of this coronavirus pandemic. Every state in the country will show its peak. By June 2021, the end wave of coronavirus will be persistent which is showing the emergence of 3 lakh infections a day. It is important to reduce the infections but we cannot predict the end of the coronavirus outbreak.”

Diagnosis by RT-PCR is important to check the COVID positive and negative cases

Dr.A Velumani states, “ During the mild symptoms of coronavirus, it is important to check for diagnosis of coronavirus. There are many patients who have no symptoms but the diagnosis shows up COVID positive. Technology should not be questioned in this case. The treatment is given according to diagnosis which is available like remedisivir. The treatment is nonspecific and it is important to take care of the patients. The diagnosis should not be doubted if the patient is COVID positive. There are many messages on WhatsApp which creates confusion among people.”

Complications of coronavirus 

Dr.A Velumani says, “99% of COVID positive patients suffer from fever and flu-like symptoms. There are many patients facing problems with shortness of breath and need oxygen due to weak lungs and might need a ventilator for 10 days. This results in lung damage. Many patients about 99% are recovering but 1 -2 % patients who are COVID positive are showing up complications and comorbidities.” 

The importance of RT-PCR 

Dr.A Velumani informs, “The cut-off value RT-PCR is 30. Do not focus on the cut-off value number but instead on the positive and negative cases is important. RT-PCR value is not important to grade a COVID positive patient who needs oxygen therapy. In case of health complications, a CT scan chest is important to know about the damage to the lungs. Ferritin and CRP are infection markers that are very important for the diagnosis of COVID infection. RT-PCR is a diagnostic test to check the COVID positive and negative patients.”

Coronavirus collapse 

Dr.A Velumani informs, “Thyrocare lab is a back-end laboratory. We have done 14 lakhs RT -PCRs test. I am a businessman, entrepreneur and scientist. As a common man, I can say people have dreaded COVID. Many people collapse after listening to the word “COVID.” There is too much crowd at hospitals during this pandemic. People will ignore you if you are tested positive for COVID. This is a negative impact of COVID. The second wave is quite life-threatening for the government and hospital administration. By the end of summer, it should definitely come in control. But we should be careful about the third wave of coronavirus.”  

Vaccination is the only key to fight this virus 

Dr.A Velumani says, “Vaccination is important for this coronavirus. Our research and scientists should be focused on vaccines. After vaccines from two pharma companies, we have been exporting vaccines to other countries. Indian needs vaccines too for such a large population. The vaccine is important for everyone. The virus is always present universally and we need to be vaccinated to protect ourselves from coronavirus infection and fight against it. One to two years are important for vaccination. The government is also focused on vaccinations. We need a solution for this coronavirus damage. We should have hopes in this stressful period. We will be able to control the virus by 24 months.”

Vaccine for children 

Dr.A Velumani states. “By next April- March, we will execute vaccines for children as well hopefully. We are in a “very difficult stage” but not an impossible stage. “Very difficult stage” is better than “Not possible” stage”

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)


Contributed by Dr.A Velumani, Founder and Managing Director of Thyrocare Technologies

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