The Warrior Expedition 32/26: A Mission to Encourage Youths to join Indian Forces

Pan India mission of spreading awareness among youths to Join Indian Armed forces was launched at the Republic Day ceremony.

On the occasion of Republic day, Jan 26, 2023 Harsh Gupta and Sumit Kumar Singh initiated 'The Warrior Expedition 32/26' to encourage youths to join Indian forces. It will cover 127,000 KM across the nation and conclude on 15th Aug, 2023 in Delhi.

The army currently has 11,51,726 soldiers against an authorized strength of 12,29,559, facing a shortfall of 77,833 men in the ranks. As far as officers other than medical stream officers are concerned, the current holding is 42,959 against the authorized 50,806.

Serving in the Indian Defense Forces is a prestigious and well-respected career. But it is as challenging as it is rewarding. This mission is essentially an awareness campaign, and it will spread awareness among our youth about the services, bravery, glory, and grandeur of our armed forces. This will inspire our youth and provide them with the opportunity to join the armed forces. 

To join defence forces, one needs to be physically fit and healthy. It is the most important aspect to consider before joining the force. Therefore, focusing on health and fitness becomes a priority. The officers in defence forces have to work in different places under severe climate conditions that can easily affect one's health. So, they have to ensure the maintenance of their health and physical fitness to ensure optimal performance during peace and operations.

There is a physical fitness eligibility criterion in place, and medical check-ups are scheduled for that purpose. On completing the criteria and some other tests you are selected to join the force.

Physical health and fitness in Defence:

Physical health and fitness are important in the Indian Army. Nutrition, such as good calories and protein, is essential for building a robust physique; normal hearing in each ear and good binocular vision in the eyes; the ability to read 6/6 in a distant vision; good dental health; and being disease-free are all required to be selected for the defence forces. Therefore, following a good diet and an active lifestyle will surely help build a healthy body to meet the criteria.

In every situation, you need a strong and focused mind to stay calm and act smart. Prepare yourself to face any difficult situation.

This mission of encouraging youths to join the defence forces will increase the number of warriors in the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force.

In his keynote address, Director Sumit Kumar Singh said, "Through our campaign, we are trying to reach over 5000 million people in India and across the world." "Both offline and online, we are reaching up to 5000 schools, colleges, universities, and public forums across India & Nepal."

While addressing the audience, Harsh Gupta mentioned that "the target audience will be people who have a great interest in India's defence forces and want to join the Indian Armed Forces".

The Expedition would serve as a foundation for the values of service, sacrifice, and the nation's overall culture.

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