Tips for your good breast health

Apart from exercise and good eating, self-diagnosing the condition is also important for better breast health. Read on to know some important tips on how to take care of your breast health

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the country, having overtaken cervical cancer. In cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, breast cancer accounts for 25% to 32% of all female cancers, more than 1/4th of all female cancers. It’s also more common in the younger age group. Almost 50% of all cases are in the age group of 25-50. And more than 70% of the cases present in the advanced stage had poor survival and high mortality. 

Women can self-diagnose their condition and know of the presence of lumps or masses that suggest cancerous outgrowths. The very reason for the low breast cancer survival rate of women in India accounts for its lack of awareness and poor early screening and diagnosis rates (late detection). Here are some ways of keeping the breast healthy and free from any related issues.

Moisturise – Moisturising is an important step to keep your breasts happy. The surrounding area of the breasts and the nipples are thin and sensitive. They need a little extra care and applying a thick layer of moisturizer is the best thing you can do to prevent dryness and breast soreness. 

Massage - There are several lymph nodes present around your breasts which carry a fluid called lymph. Massaging helps to stimulate the lymph in different directions. After applying lotion, massage your breasts for a few minutes towards your heart. Massaging also helps you relax and destress.

Wear the right bra - Get yourself the right size bra. Most of the women wear the wrong size bra. When your breasts do not get enough support, the tissue starts to stretch and descend sooner. So, measure your breast size and buy the correct size of bra for yourself. 

Eat dark color grapes – Dark-colored grapes have the special properties to reduce the risk of breast cancer. The skin of grapes has anticancer properties that may protect your breast skin from damage that could cause cancer. Do incorporate this into your diet. Apart from this, add some folic acid to your diet.

Increase vitamin intake - Low intake of vitamin D can be a reason for breast cancer in women. Research also suggests that high vitamin D levels increase the chances of survival after being diagnosed with breast cancer. So, in any case, vitamin D intake is essential for breast health. Try to get it from sunlight or by eating vitamin d rich food.

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