Top health summer drinks for children

You must be asking the question in your mind if the child is feeling dehydrated, then what can we give them to drink, so that they feel hydrated from inside and their body remains fresh and cool. For this, you can give many types of healthy drinks to them in summer.

Children need a lot of care in summer because they are not able to take good care of their health while playing, due to which they get heat or heat easily. Also, like adults, children do not think much about ways to reduce the effects of heat. That's why they are not able to consume juice or water in excess, but all these things can cause many kinds of damage to them. This can weaken their immune system. 

Apart from this, they may have fever and trouble urinating. Along with this, they can also get smallpox, typhoid, and other types of diseases, so always take care to keep the child's body hydrated when summer comes and treat the symptoms of dehydration immediately. 

Give these things to the child if he is dehydrated

  1. Lemonade

In summer, lemonade works to refresh you. Also keeps the body hydrated. Vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, folate and vitamin-E are present in it. With the help of which digestion helps in making healthy and strengthening the immune system. Also, it maintains energy throughout the day. It also protects the skin from irritation in summer. It is very easy to make. For this, you can make a great juice by adding half a lemon and some amount of sugar in a glass of water.

  1. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is one of the best drinks in summer. Drinking buttermilk in summer keeps the body fresh. It provides strength to the body from within and children feel less thirsty even while playing in the sun. Nutrients like calcium, vitamin B12, zinc, riboflavin, and protein are present in sufficient quantities in buttermilk. It is helpful in keeping the baby's bones healthy and reducing cholesterol. Buttermilk can also reduce stress and anxiety.

  1. Aam Panna

Consuming Aam Panna during summers can benefit children in many ways. It can keep them energetic throughout the day. Carbohydrates, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, and Vitamin C are also found in abundance in it. Which can prove to be helpful in keeping the body hydrated and healthy. It can also prove to be very beneficial for children's skin. To make it, you can prepare a shake by putting mango pulp in a juicer. Also, you can cook raw mango and make aamjhora out of it. It also helps to protect children from sun and heat stroke.

  1. Fruit Juice

You can also give juices made from different types of fruits to your baby in summer. This can also make the child feel better. You can include watermelon, strawberry, and banana in this. Actually, these fruits are rich in many nutrients like potassium, riboflavin, iron, calcium, zinc, fiber, niacin, iron, vitamin-A, vitamin C, vitamin B, and lycopene which are very beneficial for keeping the health of the child right. To make this, finely chop watermelon, banana, and strawberry. Then, by blending it in a juicer, prepare their juice. If you want, you can also add some seeds to it. It also provides omega-3 fatty acids to the baby.

  1. Vegetable Juice

Consumption of vegetables is extremely beneficial to reduce the heat. It provides a sufficient amount of antioxidants and many nutrients in your body. Along with this, children also feel refreshed. You can use many types of vegetables for this. For this, you can use carrot, beet, and spinach. With this juice, the child's immune system, bones, and blood problems in the body can also be cured. It keeps their stomach full for the whole day.

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