Vaccine shortage : Is COVID there to stay for long in India ?

Vaccination is the need of the hour for this pandemic. Now, our main aim is to protect each and every individual from COVID and post COVID complications by making vaccines available for one and all. Vaccine shortage is just begun which must be addressed nationwide.

Vaccine shortage is the new problem that is cropping up this pandemic. This definitely needs to be resolved by taking effective measures. It is important to vaccinate each and every person to ensure safety is achieved. The governments of various countries and nations started this COVID vaccination drive slowly and steadily by administering the COVID vaccines to the elderly first at the age of 60+ and then moving towards the age of 45 - 65 age group and then incorporating everyone above the age of 18 +. Well, let's not forget the population of the country which needs special attention. Vaccine shortage must not be overlooked at this stage. 

Vaccination for under 18 is the need of the hour

India has witnessed the second wave with a shortage of bed and oxygen cylinders which were on high rise in March 2021. This needs to be taken. The researchers have predicted that there might be the emergence of the third wave of COVID in children in the month of October 2021 which must be addressed at an early stage so that efficient measures can be taken. Early intervention is needed in some cases to make sure that children, which is our future generation, are well protected. 

The vaccination drive for COVID 

India started its vaccination drive in January 2021 with the hope to put an end to COVID. But, this was short-term. In no time, India witnessed the second wave with double impact. However, it still proved itself strong by again locking the country to stop the spread of coronavirus. Slowly the time went by from March-May 2021 which shows an increase in norovirus followed by a decline in cases. 

The phase of the March to May in the year 2020 & 2021 was very difficult to handle. We need to super alert in such cases when the COVID pandemic hits the country and creates a stressful situation. 

The emergence of COVID vaccines in India 

The country’s very own Serum Institute of India, which is a well-known vaccine company was meant to supply jabs for the month of July 2021 to cover 250 + million people. As a part of WHO-led scheme, India also extended a helping hand to the countries who were in need of vaccine 

By exporting them the vaccines. But the COVID cases spike in India in March 2021 made it really difficult to control the spread of the virus. There was a need to cancel the export of vaccines and serve the people of India to beat this COVID ordeal. Many countries came forward in extending their helping hand with oxygen cylinders to India.

Why is vaccination important? 

So let's get ready and beat this crisis judiciously. We should hope to end the pandemic in India by making sure there is the availability of vaccines that will help people protect themselves from this COVID. It is important to get vaccinated for this COVID. We have seen many cases of post COVID vaccination which need to be stopped at the earliest. Vaccination can help people to fight out and win over this pandemic.

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