Veteran Indian actress Tabassum Govil dies of cardiac arrest

Many celebs are falling prey to cardiac health issues which are very common these days. One more well-known actress, Tabassum Govil died of a heart attack this year 2022.

Veteran Indian actress and famous show host Tabassum Govil passed away. The actress was 78 years old. The actress suffered from a heart attack on Friday, November 18th, 2022. 

Let us know in detail what exactly happened to this actress, Tabassum Govil 

Tabassum Govil’s health condition 

It was reported by her son, Hoshang Govil that the actress passed away on Friday at 08:40 pm due to cardiac arrest at a hospital. As per the report, she was completely healthy and hearty. She shot a show 10 days back before she suffered from cardiac arrest. And it was also in the news that she was ready to shoot again as well. Suddenly, he suffered a cardiac arrest. Her sudden death due to cardiac arrest has created shockwaves across the country. 

Many of us fail to understand why celebs are having cardiac arrests and heart attacks these days which is quite an alarming situation. 

The career graph of Tabassum Govil 

Tabassum Govil has had an amazing career graph since a child. She was also known as a child artist at the age of 3. This was in the early 1940s when she was well-known for her acting skills as “BABY TABASSUM.”

In her decades-long career, she featured in many popular films and shows. 

Tabassum Govil and her Tv show journey 

Tabassum Govil started her TV journey by hosting the first TV talk show on Indian television which was the talk of the town known as “Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan.” This popular show ran for 21 years on Doordarshan and created history as one of the most popular running shows. This show went on from 1972-1993. This shows Tabassum Govil’s career graph on how dedicated she was towards her professional acting line. Well, there is more to this actress and her career graph. 

Tabassum Govil and her film journey 

Tabassum Govil made it to the films as well. She made her film debut with “Nargis” in 1947 and later she gave amazing performances in movies like -

  • Mera Suhaag - 1947
  • Manjdhar -1947
  • Bari Behen -1949 

Tabassum Govil as author 

Tabassum Govil has been an author and has written many joke books. She has also worked as editor of the famous Hindi women’s magazine Grihalaxmi for 15 years. 

Tabassum Govil as director and producer

In the year 1980, Tabassum Govil produced, directed, and wrote her first film “Tum Par Hum Qurban.”

Tabassum Govil death- Reason for cardiac arrest for Indian Celebs?

Is stress and overload of work taking a toll on Indian celebs, especially those working for Tv shows and films? Many deaths due to cardiac arrest and heart attack have come to light these days which is commonly seen in celebs. One must be careful not to over stress in terms of work or exercise. Follow a healthy life with better well-being to prevent cardiac and health issues. 

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