Discussing Sexual Health is a Taboo! Expert Urologist, Dr.Anil Elhence sheds light upon some vital issues of sexual health concerning society as a whole

Expert Urologist, Dr. Anil Elhence emphasizes the significant role of parents and teachers in providing healthy sexual awareness amongst the younger generation.

Sexual and Reproductive health is a subject that is not much appreciated for open discussion in our country. While sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) continue to be a major public health concern in the country today. Medicircle is conducting a series on sexual and reproductive health awareness day to raise awareness about the issues of sexually transmitted diseases and to educate society to reduce the spread of this disease. 

Dr.Anil Elhence is a Consultant Urologist with 27 years of experience. He is associated with Dhanvantri Hospital, Uttar Pradesh. He has experience in upper and lower tract urology, reconstructive urology, uro-oncology, impotence, and urodynamics. He has been the President of the North zone, Chapter of Urological society of India, and the President of Urological Association of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand in the past.

 Improved Sexual Health 

Dr. Elhence, suggests the following lifestyle measures to enhance sexual health:

· “Maintain Overall Health

· Maintain healthy body weight 

· Eat nutritious food and avoid unnecessary indulgences in food

· Moderate your food choices 

· Exercise well – it's the key to stay fit,” says Dr. Elhence.

Healthy Parent-Child Discussion is the Need of the Hour

Dr. Elhence explains, “Sex is considered a subject of taboo in India. Parents and teachers do not discuss it with their kids. Also, in schools, when this topic is discussed, kids giggle amongst themselves. Well, the truth is without our parents being sexually active, we would not be present here. The sexual act is a very important function for creating the next generations. The sexual act is a body function and is the same as eating, defecating, urinating, and moving around. There is nothing taboo about it. But unfortunately, we have not given it adequate importance. It starts from school and home,” says he.

Learning about Sexual Health is Important for Next Generation

 Dr. Elhence uses the classical example of “eggs came first or hen” and emphasized that the parents need to be educated about sexual health so that kids are taught correctly about sexual health and how to appropriately react to members of the opposite sex by them” he says.

Wrong Sexual Education is a Vicious Cycle

Dr. Elhence says, “Both the home and school environment require drastic improvement so that kids get correctly educated about sexual health. Because of the internet and social media, kids have started misusing sex rather than being part of normal body function. The kids today become parents tomorrow and they teach their kids, so it's a cycle of sexual education. It's difficult to monitor what is available over the internet and social media. It's a lost battle and difficult to check the content there. It is important to understand the changes in the body that would occur at puberty and getting attracted to the opposite sex is completely natural, it's part of life and there is nothing bad about it,” says Dr. Elhence

Dr. Elhence provides insight on masturbation by mentioning, “Masturbation is considered as a misnomer and that it causes ill-health. Everyone masturbates although the degree may vary. The youth should be given knowledge about masturbation and advised to do it safely”. 

He further explains that “masturbation is completely natural and normal. It is important to masturbate as a healthy act to know your body and know the urges of your body.”

Need to educate youth about sex

Dr. Elhence points out, “Changes at puberty, having safe sex, and masturbation are three areas where there is a lack of education. We need to go beyond the school education, we need to explain the genital system and the youth must be informed about the changes in puberty.” 

Strategies of STDs Reduction

Dr. Elhence lists down the following measures that can help to reduce STDs

· “Education of Safe sex 
· Educating people about STDs
· Universal availability of condoms.
· Removal of the stigma attached to condom 
· Prevent unwanted pregnancies
· Tutoring of sex work

 (Edited By- Dr. Rati Parwani)


Contributed By: Dr.Anil Elhence, Consultant Urologist, Dhanvantari Hospital


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