Want to scale up not only your business but also your product? Use BPRM concept developed by Shailender Ahuja, Founder, Babusuite

“I had saved a company in 7 days with a BPRM model. It just took me 3 days to make them profitable, next 3 days they were making money and next 4 days they were much more confident,” says Shailender Ahuja, Founder, Babusuite.

     Hospital automation is a revolutionary technology that lets you automate all the functional elements in your hospital from a gadget or your smartphone. Doctors can now keep a check on their patients even when they are away. 

Shailender Ahuja, Founder, Babusuite, which has sub-brands focused on Automation covering the Manufacturing industry, School automation, Retail automation, Hospital Automation. He is a business consultant and software consultant and till now he has worked on 150+ technologies.

Babusuite is focused on Industrial Automation, Industry 4.0 implementation, IIoT Products Innovation, Innovative solution development, for SMEs Small jobs, and Problem-solving innovations development to save their capital and also on Robotics.

BabuSuite helping hospital automation

Shailender explains how Babusuite helps in hospital automation, “When we look in the past, people who used to work in the Government institutions were called ‘Babu’ so from there we got the word. We started with BabuSuite to find all types of automation and solutions in the field in schools, paperless products, industrial automation, and hospitals. When we talk about hospitals and industry automation, the software is already there so what we do is we get the live updates regarding the patients to the doctors, and for this gadgets are available as sometimes doctors might not be available or maybe the patient is not in the room and has gone for some tests or a stroll, so we have a technology where we can track the patient at a 1-meter distance if they are outside their rooms. The gadget tracks from where to where the patient is traveling. Again we take care of patients who come to the hospitals and are older and maybe they do not have anyone to take care of them at home so we have gadgets that they can wear on their hands which give an alert to the doctor if something is not right. There is no extent or limitation to automation so we can extend as much as possible to whatever automation that people are looking for nowadays. IT enables us to provide anything that we require in today’s world,” he says.


Designed his own Business Product and Revenue Model to help save a product or a company

Shailender throws light on the subject, “I started working on the BPRM model from the 2nd year of college and in the 3rd year I made a company profitable with the name of layeredpanel.com. There is a very popular video on YouTube where people structure on a chain network where they get money when people show advertisements on their platform so that is the actual model that I created for layeredpanel.com and after that  it is implemented everywhere. When we talk about business consulting there are 2 types of business consulting one is functional consulting and another one is what we do that is Business consulting where we build strategies like product strategies, sales and marketing. So BPRM is a concept where we not only work on the consulting part of the business but also the product. There are very good products in the market and in spite of good marketing the product fails, the most common reason can be either the product is not good or the product is not presentable. So one thing that we are adding is the Business Product and Revenue Model and from this we get to understand where the business is lacking and we make them work well and have saved many companies. I would like to add that I had saved a company in 7 days while they had used up all their money. It just took me 3 days to make them profitable, next 3 days they were making money and next 4 days they were much more confident. They had invested 1.5 Cr from their own pockets and the company became profitable and grew from 10 people to 60 people in the next 6 months,” he says.


PaperBabu on helping the environment by providing paperless solutions

Shailender explains this well, “I’ll explain with an example, the HR department requires a lot of paperwork and changes to be done so that leads to a lot of prints and reprints with changes written each time over the papers. With PaperBabu we have devised such a thing that you can make the changes on the device itself as many times as you want and it will make the changes and then you can download it in a word file, generate a pdf or print it out or manipulate your data.

Another example is whenever you take some services from the bank there is a barcode on the forms, if you want to automate that form, you just need to design the form online, scan it, enable the bar code and every time the bank staff can open it directly with the barcode and you can fill it like an online form and it will be available for a print or share it with anyone or make it password protected, can add signatures or you can manipulate the data even after saving and this will help the environment and that is what came to our mind to reduce the use of paper by 70 – 72%,” he says


To mentor the startups

Shailender believes that it is great to mentor a startup cause every time you get to see something new in their minds. “To learn something new and you also get to verify how much you are ready for the current market. Cause as a mentor I need to update myself whenever a new technology is coming up and it makes me feel I am young and in college and I can still see my passion when I started while still in college. It gives me a boost and motivation. I work 16 -18 hours a day. An example I would like to give here that, I had posted something on LinkedIn that I am working on 4 projects and a startup tried to troll me that out of all the works if I try to mentor just 1 company I will succeed so but yes that is a valid question and I responded that you have to focus on 1 thing at a time but they did not say 1 thing a day so I have segregated my day’s time in such a way that I am working on 1 project in those stipulated hours. So when we mentor a startup, we need to keep ourselves updated and dedicated so as to give sound advice,” he says.

There is no parameter for excellence

Shailender suggests that “When we talk about excellence there is no parameter that a product has reached the excellent bar as people keep trying to make something better. Whereas the startups are looking at making the product excellent from the very first day. So you need to invest a lot of time, do a lot of market surveys, so the best way is to start wherever they can and then keep on making their product better to best. Provide the product in the market, provide the product free to the people to use, and go with the case studies and when they launch the product, they can have the people who can buy the product at a minimum price. If they choose a very lower segment where people cannot pay a lot then there would be more case studies cause then there would be more people who would need it for automation than very well established hospitals. And then they can one by one reach the level of excellence in the market,” he says.

(Edited by Rabia Mistry Mulla)


Contributed By: Shailender Ahuja, Founder, Babusuite
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