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A supplement's role in your total diet is to "supplement" it by filling in the nutritional gaps left by your regular food intake and demands. You can entirely trust Bbetter if you're seeking a one-stop shop for health supplements and medical supplies.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “ During 2017–2018, 57.6% of adults aged 20 and over reported using any dietary supplement in the past 30 days (Figure 1). A higher percentage of women (63.8%) reported dietary supplement use than men (50.8%). For both sexes, dietary supplement use increased with age.”

Bbetter is a neutraceutical startup that makes health supplements and medical supplies. Bbetter offers a wide range of supplements for Men, Women, sports athletes, and Veda. Additionally, supplements are made available for diabetic care, digestion, hair, skin, heart health, immunity, sleep, stress, vitamins, and weight loss.

More about Bbetter

Bbetter is a digital-first healthcare company. They launched their company in October of the year 2020. They focus on a D2C(Direct to consumer) kind of approach. 

Varun Jampana, the Co-Founder of Bbetter states “ Our thesis has been of 2 points. If I trust the brand with my health, I also trust the same brand with my kids as well as my parents. We are completely different than other D2C brands because we have a horizontal approach. Our products cater to the entire family and we have products available across the globe like the modern nutraceuticals and ayurvedic range of products. We have 42 products presently and anticipate 15 new products in the next 6 weeks.”

Bbetter on the treatment of Covid-19

Bbetter helped in managing the disease by supplying Vitamin D3 and multivitamins in the market during its shortage. One of the post-Covid effects was lack of sleep (insomnia) so that is why Ashwagandha and Bbetter sleep (melatonin-based products) were effective during Covid helping people to get good and sufficient sleep. Even after Covid, people have returned back and taken it once again as they found it to be very useful.

USP of Bbetter

Bbetter is a horizontal player. They want to cater to the issues of the entire family. Every batch of their medicines goes to a third party and goes to NABL accredited labs for heavy metals tests to ensure the topmost level of safety. They furthermore send the entire details to their customers keeping the process visible to them which builds trust and the safety part is also addressed. Because of this Bbetter finds better return purchase rates.

Funds used to scale up Bbetter

Bbetter is a Vc-based company and has done a seed round raising 1.5 million. Funds will be likely raised over the next few months because they are looking at a few categories which have huge potential like Adult nutrition.

Future expansion plans and goals of Bbetter

The immediate plans are to hit certain target revenues. By the end of 2022, Bbetter intends to be at a 33 cr. ARR. By December of 2023, Bbetter intends to be at a 100 cr. ARR. Registrations are done for selling some products in the U.S, UAE, and U.K. They will start retailing in India after the launch of the adult nutritional segment.

Message for entrepreneurs

Don’t get stuck in the whole analysis paralysis thing. Simply begin the process, dive in, and learn and adapt along the way.

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Contributed By: Varun Jampana, the Co-Founder of Bbetter
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