What is hand reflexology?

Start with hand reflexology and activate your brain and body. It works wonders in treating many problems and helps to destress and detox. Get started today with hand reflexology.

What is hand reflexology?

Hand reflexology is an old technique that is used to remove diseases of the body, in this technique, special points on the hand are pressed by massaging or pressure so that the body part related to that point becomes active and the problem is reduced

Benefits of Hand Reflexology

This technique improves memory.

  • Even if you are feeling low in low energy, you can adopt this technique.
  • If there is thyroid or infertility then this technique is beneficial.
  • Even if you are not able to focus, you can adopt this technique.
  • If you are tired all the time, then you can adopt this technique.
  • You can adapt this technique to remove irritability.
  • If you do not feel like doing some work, then you can adopt this technique.

How to activate the brain?

Through hand reflexology, we have to activate that point which is related to our brain i.e. pituitary gland.

  • We have to take the thumb of one hand and keep it straight up towards the ceiling.
  • With the index finger and thumb of the second hand, we have to press the thumb of the first hand forward and backward.
  • You don't have to press continuously, press and release then do it again.
  • Press as fast as you can, then release.
  • You have to press it for 20 seconds.
  • After that you have to press continuously from the side as well, this time not to give a gap.

How will it feel after having the hand reflexology procedure?

It can have different effects on different people like-

  • When you press this point, your mind will be active.
  • You will feel more focused than before, if you have forgotten something, then the memory will run faster.
  • Breathing patterns will improve
  • pressure in the sinus will decrease
  • You will feel more energy in the brain than before
  • you will feel the tension subside
  • Irritability or nervousness may feel less
  • The effect of this technique does not come at once

Follow this technique daily, you may not feel any change in the beginning, but it is because the body does not respond so quickly, but by doing this technique, again and again, your body will start responding. Will give There has been much research on this technique, after which doctors say that about 90 percent of people benefit from this technique.

How many times to repeat this technique?

You can complete this technique in just one to one and a half minutes. You can do it anywhere whether it is at home or the office or you can practice this technique even when you are relaxing.

You adopt this technique two to three times a day, after which you will feel the difference in yourself.

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