Why is it necessary to rid the body of toxins?

A toxic body gives rise to many diseases which can be difficult to deal with. Here it is important to take off the toxic body with detoxification which can help in overall well-being.

Whatever food we eat during the normal digestion process in the body, must be completely digested. Half of it is absorbed into the body as nutrients and the rest is thrown out of the body as waste products. But sometimes due to external negative influences (like unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol, stress, environment, and unhealthy habits), the food we eat is not digested completely.

By doing a balanced diet in a healthy state, the body is able to detoxify itself and it continues to be excreted by itself as a daily process. But sometimes it hinders the process. Under this condition, about a third of our food is completely digested and absorbed as nutrients; The other one-third of the food is completely digested and expelled from the body as waste products. But there is still about one-third of the food left which is in a half-digested state. Because of this, it cannot be recognized as a nutrient or waste product. Therefore it is neither absorbed nor excreted. This half-digested unmetabolized food product circulates in the body as toxins.

How often can you detox your body? 

Detox your body

Detox should be done once a month. For some people, even once a year is enough. It depends on the amount of goose accumulated in your body. There are two types of detox diets. In this, the first diet is generally beneficial for all people and can be consumed by anyone.

The second diet - is determined on the basis of the amount of exogenous substance ("Ammon") present in people's bodies and in which part of the body its effect is more. For this, the nature of the person's body (Vata, Kapha, and Pitta) is also taken into account. To know how Amla accumulates in the body and what is its quantity, an Ayurvedic expert ascertains it through Nadi Pariksha as well as other methods.

What kind of food is to be taken in this? 

Lentil Spinach Soup

The treatment method for purification is called Panchakarma. Various diets are included in this method. In this method, the emphasis is on removing excess stool from the diet. The diet which is told according to this method is very safe, anyone can consume it.

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