Will Doxper be able to eliminate India’s healthcare data deficiency?

Doxper brought a simple but effective revolution in India's EMR industry. Instead of forcing technology, they thrived on integrating technology with habits. Read more to find their results.

Despite the government’s resolve to make Indian healthcare more digital, there persists a problem. With advancements in technology, storing patient’s prescriptions on the cloud is easier than ever before. Yet there is a grassroot problem that is causing hindrance to our Digital Health Mission. 

Three IIT alumni - Randeep Singh, Pawan Jain and Shailesh Prithani realised it is easier to change technology than change human habits that have formed over years. So instead of relying on tablets and keyboards to make digital prescriptions, they have tweaked the normal pen and paper. 

They substituted the everyday pen and paper into a digital pen and an encoded paper. With this, the doctor can still stick to their old habit of handwriting the prescription. But the tools will ensure to make and store digital copies of their prescription. With this, they came up with Doxper.

Doxper Blu is the app given to doctors to access patients’ medical records, case histories, reports and more. On the other side, the patients can access and upload the same using Doxper. the app is created using the Clinical Natural Language handwriting recognition that can recognise 80-90% of whatever the doctor writes. 

The company had recorded a year-to-year growth of 3X. They got their first client in 2016 and its seed funding a year later. In 2017, growX ventures and Vidal Healthcare raised $750 thousand. In 2018, Doxper received Rs 72 million from Vidal Healthcare. Later for its series A round, Alkemi Venture Partners led the funding raising a total of $4 million.

Last August, Doxper was acquired by Meddo by a cash and stock deal. Meddo was founded by Saurabh Kochhar in 2018 with a resolve to create digital healthcare centres. Meddo has 250+ smart clinics in Delhi and Bangalore. Doxper is in 40+ hospitals and 2000+ clinics in India. But with Meddo, Doxper plans to enter 1000+ clinics within a span of 12 to 15 months. 

In 2014-20, $2.3 billion was pumped into the healthcare startups. The EMR market of India is filled with startups like DocsApp, Farmako, MedCords, WonDrx, Porte Medicals and more. After the merger will Doxper be able to survive the tough competition and eliminate India’s healthcare data deficiency?

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