With over record 57% recovery rate, Rajasthan keeps up the COVID-19 fight

▴ With over record 57% recovery rate, Rajasthan keeps up the COVID-19 fight

State ranks sixth in mortality rate with 125 casualties

Rajasthan, that was deeply infested by the deadly Coronavirus spread, turns to be the State of hope when it records over 57% recovery rate. The State claims the fame for its 'Bhilwara Model' to handle COVID-19 hot spots.

Rajasthan recovery rate among all States with over 1000 infections is highly impressive in among the Hindi belt States in north India, namely Uttar Pradesh just on its heels with 53%, Madhya Pradesh an inch behind with 49%, Gujrat trailing at 39%, Delhi struggling at 36%, and Punjab loses with just 12%, as recorded.

In Rajasthan 4868 coronavirus patients were detected, of which 2677 have already been cured and the State ranks sixth in mortality rate with 125 casualties, after Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh.

Elated State Health Minister Raghu Sharma says Rajasthan shows impressive feats on all parameters in tackling the pandemic.

"On almost all parameters, Rajasthan is doing better than most other states. “While the national rate of corona positive cases is at 3.92%, in Rajasthan the rate is lower at 2.35%,” he was quoted while saying.

He had even added, "The high recovery rate in patients in our state gives me the most satisfaction. This high rate reflects how strong is the health system in our state and how committed are our doctors and other healthcare workers are."

As far as different districts in Rajasthan are concerned, the recovery rate is 66.77% in Jodhpur where though the number of cases has risen sharply in recent weeks but recovery rate of Corona patients is above the state average.

However, Jodhpur also has the very best death rate among districts that come under the Red Zone within the state. Apart from Jaipur, Jodhpur has an improved number of coronavirus cases within the state.

The Rajasthan government claims it's now conducting over 12,000 tests per day than far over 1,85,000 samples are collected within the state. The Gehlot government hopes to realize the target to conduct about 25,000 tests daily.

Dr. Rateesh Sareen a senior pathologist at SDM Hospital Jaipur shared to the media that the recovery rate and tests are done by Rajasthan are impressive thus far. “The worrying factor is that since the past few days the number of latest cases aren't giving us respite. Amidst the relief by the govt after May 17, the fear is that the numbers won't remain so comfortable. It is a subject of debate to increase stringent lockdown or to resume back to normalcy,” he was quoted as saying.

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