Worldwide EndoMarch, Endo Run to raise mass awareness on Endometriosis!

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42 million women in India are burdened with endometriosis. Diagnosis of the condition is often delayed by 6-10 years, significantly reducing a woman’s overall Quality of Life

Hyderabad, 21st February 2024: As a continuation of the efforts during Endometriosis Awareness Month of March, PAIR Academy along with Dr Rooma Sinha, arranged a flagship initiative at the open-air Amphitheatre, Apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills Hyderabad, today. This was a mass awareness initiative that brought together EndoWarriors and their families, healthcare providers, researchers, and patient advocates. The goal is to raise awareness about endometriosis, spark a national conversation around the condition, and call for greater support and resources for individuals and families affected by it. The awareness initiative saw more than 150 participants from the general public, patient groups, medical students and nursing colleges.


Endometriosis awareness events are being organised for the last 7 years under Senior Gynecologist, Dr Rooma Sinha's leadership and Apollo Hospitals.


Endometriosis is a common, chronic, gynaecological condition, which affects over 247 million women globally and 42 million women in India1. It is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus2. Women with endometriosis suffer from chronic pelvic pain, fatigue, depression, and infertility. Diagnosis of the condition is often delayed by 6-10 years, significantly reducing a woman’s overall quality of life.


The event was graced by Dr Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals, Mrs Divya Devarajan IAS, Director of Municipal Administration, Mrs Upasana Kamineni, Vice Chairperson, CSR, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises, Dr K Manohar, Dean of Apollo Medical College, Dr Rooma Sinha, Senior Gynecologist, Robotic Surgeon and Endometriosis specialist Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad and Dr Ratna Devi, Director, Patient Academy for Innovation and Research. They spoke on the importance of endometriosis awareness, the current challenges faced by women, and the need for clinical advancements in this area.


"Endometriosis is a health condition affecting millions of women in India and across the globe. We are delighted to partner with Worldwide EndoMarch, Endometriosis Society of India and PAIR to support initiatives that will contribute to helping women access better healthcare solutions. As we commemorate EndoMarch and EndoRun today, I commend the traction and engagement this initiative has garnered. Such initiatives encourage open conversations about women's health issues " said by Dr Sangita Reddy.


Dr Divya Devarajan said, IAS Director Municipal Administration said, women form 50% of our society. Their health and wellness should be a priority if we have to keep the community and family healthy. Prioritising issues of pain, infertility and stigma associated with conditions like Endometriosis will help dispel myths about endometriosis.


Mrs Upasana Kamineni said, women need to speak up more and come forward to share their stories. It is through stories of change that we can bring a shift in mindset and help women receive the care they deserve in a timely way.


Dr Rooma Sinha said, the gathering and stressed the importance of coming forward to discuss such sensitive problems so that early diagnosis can be made. She said the treatment of Endometriosis requires a multi-disciplinary effort of medical and surgical treatment but one must not forget the help that dieticians, Physiotherapy yoga and psychologists can provide to help women cruise through their lives with this chronic disability. If advised a surgery- Please ask Why- When- Where and Who should do the surgery? The first surgery gives the best outcome and repeated surgeries should be avoided.


Dr Ratna Devi said, “Raising awareness is crucial to address the issue of delayed diagnosis and treatment for women experiencing severe symptoms and excruciating pain. Unfortunately, their voices often go unheard or are dismissed as women’s health takes a backseat in many households. It is imperative to advocate for improved early detection and treatment options. Creating a safe and supportive environment where women can openly discuss their experiences and provide mutual support is urgently necessary.


A coffee table book which is a collection of patient stories, detailing their personal experiences, to empower the community to connect with gynaecologists to understand their condition better was also relaunched. The book will equip fellow endometriosis patients to understand their condition through the perspectives of these women.


Dr Carman Nezhat, Clinical Professor of OBGYN at Stanford Health, San Francisco, USA & Director, Centre for Special Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery; in his video message appreciated the efforts of Dr Rooma Sinha as the India Captain for the Worldwide EndoMarch and Apollo Hospitals, for joining hands for last several years creating this awareness.


WorldWide EndoMarch® 


Dr Pramathes Das Mahapatra, President of the Endometriosis Society of India, says, “While conditions like polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOD) are widely discussed, endometriosis is still not talked about. “The first step is making doctors aware of the extent of the disorder and ensuring accurate and timely diagnosis. In most cases in India, diagnosis is generally delayed because painful periods are considered normal.”


The main messages are

  1. Don’t Suffer with pelvic or period pain in silence- You are not alone!
  2. Early diagnosis can help the progress of disease
  3. Although medical and surgical treatment are the mainstay, Exercise, Yoga, Diet and Mental well-being can help women cruise with this chronic debilitating disease
  4. If in doubt ask for Apollo second opinion!


About Women with Wings

Women with Wings is an initiative of PAIR Academy to bring together women suffering from Endometriosis and Period pain as a patient support group to connect and share their experiences and stories, learn from expert sessions build consensus and solidarity and provide a safe space for discussion. Patient stories and patient experiences will help shape the narrative around access, delayed diagnosis, financial burden and years of silent suffering. The initiative helps patients and caregivers to access authentic and validated information.


lives of women and girls by providing expert guidance and support on reproductive health issues. http:/


About Apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills

Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills is in the forefront in managing Women’s Health under the dynamic leadership of Chief Gynecologist, Dr Rooma Sinha. Endometriosis along with management of Fibroids, Infertility Issues, Cancer, PCOD, Chronic pelvis pain, Bleeding disorders and preventive PRO HEALTH checkups, it is a “one-stop destination”.  Apollo has been the pioneer in providing cutting-edge treatment for these disorders with both medical and surgical interventions including Robotic Surgery with the latest daVinci Xi system for the last several years.


About Endometriosis Society of India is the India’s OFFICIAL society that works across India to create awareness about endometriosis, training doctors and promoting research about endometriosis. The Society conducts scientific seminars and undertakes research surveys. According to one of their surveys in 2006, the number of women suffering from endometriosis in India is 25 million. It recently concluded International Congress on Endometriosis in Kolkata in December 2023 which was attended by large number of national and international faculty and delegates. 

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