3 Ways To Safeguard Yourself From Air Pollution

Air pollution has affected not only Mumbai and Delhi but is causing havoc nationwide especially in winter months, causing smog in months of November and December 2022. Here are some helpful tips to protect yourself from air pollution.

Air pollution this winter is causing smog which is one of the biggest concerns for public safety, especially in India. It is essential to take precautions to prevent air pollution and protect yourself against the adverse effects of health air pollution. 

Air pollution and smog are major threats to human existence. This has been on the high rise this year 2022 and is one of the major global concerns affecting all countries worldwide. Among all the countries, India is majorly affected by air pollution and smog. Research has shown that air pollution decreases the average life expectancy in India by 6.3 years. Air pollution can cause a major impact on respiratory health and cardiovascular health. 

Let us discover some helpful ways to prevent air pollution.

Wear N95 or N99 or a surgical face mask 

One of the most effective and easiest measures to protect yourself from smog and air pollution is to use an N95 or N99-grade mask whenever you step outdoors. You can also opt for a basic surgical mask or a cloth mask. The face mask help trap the fine particles in the air causing pollution thus helping with the process of filtration in case of smog or smoke. 

Get air purifier or humidifier 

A good air purification system is a must to ensure clean air with no smoke, pollen, or irritants indoors. On the other hand, a humidifier eliminates excess moisture from the air which prevents mold and any kind of harmful bacteria from growing in humid conditions. 

In case of pollution, it is recommended to use an air purifier in the room to reduce the toxicity of air and thus prevent any kind of respiratory issues. 

Air purifying plants

One of the best ways of purifying air is to add the natural elements of air-purifying like spider plants, ivy, aloe vera plants, bamboo palm, and snake plants which absorb the carbon dioxide and release oxygen which adds freshness to the air and prevent pollution. 

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