4 signs and symptoms of iron deficiency

The most common cause of anaemia is iron deficiency. Iron is needed to form haemoglobin. Iron is mostly stored in the body in form of haemoglobin

Iron deficiency in the body may lead to anemia, a condition of blood deficiency and women are at higher risk. Iron is needed to form hemoglobin in our bodies. It is a protein of red blood cells that carries oxygen to other organs of the body. Therefore, in its absence, tissues and muscles are not able to carry out their normal functions. Due to iron deficiency, the body is unable to produce enough hemoglobin.

Let’s know about the symptoms of iron deficiency in the body

Fatigue (Extremely tired) – This is the foremost and very common symptom of iron deficiency. The reason is that iron deficiency affects the process of producing hemoglobin. If there is a lack of hemoglobin, tissues and muscles will have lesser oxygen supply which in turn causes exhaustion. People are even getting tired of doing daily routine tasks. Apart from being exhausted, there is a lack of energy, difficulty in concentration and working is seen in such people.

Irregular Heartbeat - Irregular heartbeat can also be another symptom of iron deficiency. Because of lack of hemoglobin, the heart has to do extra work which can lead to irregular heartbeat or it feels like the heart is beating too fast. In chronic cases, the risk of heart failure also increases. Therefore, if you are aware of any of the heart problems, then get your iron level checked as early as possible because iron deficiency can worsen existing heart problems.

Headache - Headaches are common due to iron deficiency. This is because of an insufficient amount of oxygen reaching the brain. Headache is often on the sides. Iron deficiency may often cause dizziness and vertigo due to a shortage of hemoglobin.

Mouth and tongue swelling – Iron helps in the production of myoglobin which is responsible for surfacing the muscles that form the tongue. Thus its deficiency leads to improper surfacing which further results in swelling of the tongue and sore throat.


Required Dietary Intake of iron – 

For women of 19 – 50 years – 18 mg/day

Pregnant women – 27 mg/day

Breastfeeding mothers – 9mg/day

50 years and above women – 8mg/day


Causes – 

Diets low in iron

Blood loss

GI abnormalities

Pregnancy and related condition


Source of Iron – spinach, beef, nuts, chicken, fish, chickpeas.

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