4 Tips for healthy weight gain

Eating small, rich, and frequent meals is essential for healthy weight gain. Along with this exercise is also as important as it is for weight loss. Healthy weight gain means building lean muscle mass but no fat accumulation

Weight loss is a priority for most of us – be it fitness enthusiasts, diabetes or heart patients, obese people and so on. However, there still are some people struggling with a low body mass index (BMI) and are underweight. Yes, there still are some people who struggle with being underweight and try to find ways to put on additional kilos in a safer and healthier way.

Healthy fats to every meal - Healthy fats found in olive oil, desi ghee, seeds, nuts, and nut butter are far from unhealthy and can be helpful for the underweight group of people to put on some additional kilos safely. These foods, besides helping with weight gain, are known as cholesterol regulators and are beneficial for bone and heart health.  

Simple carbohydrates - During weight loss, simple carbs like potatoes are on the not-recommended list. However, for those trying to gain weight healthily, enjoying a few rounds of mashed potatoes, fruits or even milk can help put on some weight with an added touch of nutrition. One can also go for starchy foods and whole grains as they are calorie-dense.

Exercise - Surprising as it is, workouts are just as important for gaining weight as it is for weight loss. While weight gain seems to be a task all about eating lots of food, it also requires building lean muscle mass and controlling fat accumulation. To gain muscle mass, the focus should be centered on strength training and not cardio.

Eat small, rich, frequent meals - For healthy weight gain, it is important to avoid starvation for too long. Eating small, rich, and frequent meals is a must for gaining weight healthily. When the human body goes into starvation, it burns the current sources to produce energy thereby inducing weight loss. Therefore, avoid going into starvation mode to achieve your goals.

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