5 Dance forms that can help you lose weight

Dance lifts your mood, it brings a natural smile to your face. We all love dancing. It is an expression of being happy. We dance when we are happy, excited, and want to enjoy. Dance can help you lose weight. There are some dance forms that can help you burn calories. Let’s check the list

Dancing lifts your mood, it makes you flexible, it improves your lungs and heart condition. Even dancing can help you lose weight. Dance is good for your health and can help you shed maximum calories. As per a study, a person weighing 47 kilos can burn 240 calories by performing high-energy dance for an hour.

Hip hop - Hip-hop dance is a street-style dance performed on hip-hop music. It is a kind of high-energy workout that helps you burn calories and tone your body. Doing hip-hop for 30 minutes every day can help you burn 300 calories. So, if you want to lose weight hip-hop dance is an excellent choice.

Freestyle – There are no steps or movements to be followed in this dancing style. Freestyle dancing is mostly performed on fast beat music where you have to make spontaneous movements. This dance form makes you flexible. Performing freestyle dance for 30 minutes can burn 180 calories.

Salsa – If you and your partner both are planning to lose weight, salsa is an excellent option. The dance form is native to Latin America. Salsa is more about swaying, bending and swirling, which makes your body flexible. Doing salsa for an hour can help you burn 420 calories.

Belly dance – It is a low-impact dance form but quite effective. This dance form is Arab and helps to tone your back, hips, and abs. Practicing belly dance for 30 minutes every day can help you burn 300 calories.

Bollywood style – Bollywood dance is all about hands and legs movement. Performing this on fast beat music is like doing exercise that strengthens our lungs and heart health. Apart from this, it can help you shed some kilos too.   

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