5 reasons behind premature hair graying

Are you suffering from hair graying? Well, it is important to eliminate the root cause of problems with effective solutions. Awareness about the causes of premature graying can help eliminate it.

Hair graying is a common problem that occurs post-30 years of age. Yes, it does signify aging as well to some extent. Irrespective of your hair color, it is natural that hair could turn gray as you age. There are indeed many beautiful aspects that are often associated with the quality and condition of your hair. This impacts your overall personality. 

One such hair condition which can take away the beauty from your overall looks is premature graying of hair. It is important to address the root cause of the problem to eliminate graying of hair. So, if you are longing for shiny beautiful black hair, focus on these hair issues of graying to treat them from the root cause. 

What gives color to the hair?

Hair follicles contain many pigment cells. These cells help in the production of a chemical known as melanin. This melanin is responsible for imparting color to your hair which is mostly black. It is important to note that melanin is the same chemical that provides color to the skin as well. The dark or light color of the hair is determined by how much melanin each strand contains. 

Here are 5 reasons which are responsible for premature white hair


This is one of the important factors which determine whether you will have white hair or not. This is based on your genetic makeup and family history of premature graying of hair.

High stress 

Stress is the reason behind many health issues. There are higher chances of hair turning white which may be directly linked to the amount of stress that you take. Stress is directly linked with the fluctuation of melanin hormone and the depletion of stem cells in the hair follicles. 

Autoimmune Disease 

Apart from your genetic makeup, immunity plays a major role in the case of premature gray hair. In these cases, the body’s immune system starts attacking its cells. This can lead to experiencing inflammation in the body and loss of pigmentation. 

Thyroid Disorder

Thyroid issues can lead to a medical condition that can affect the pigmentation of the hair follicles. Any malfunction in the activity of the thyroid gland can affect melanin production. This is mainly due to hormonal imbalance which can cause hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. 

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency 

White or gray hair at a young age indicates that there is a depletion of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 not only provides us with energy but also plays an important role in hair growth and color.

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