5 Vegetables Increase Height in Children

To increase the height of children, include these vegetables in their diet. These 5 vegetables help in increasing height, let us know in detail how children can benefit from these vegetables.

Every mother is concerned about the health of children. For this, mothers keep feeding various types of protein powders, dry fruits etc. to the children. But many times the height of the child does not increase even after feeding everything. In such a situation, the mothers generally get very concerned about their child's growth and development.  Many mothers get upset about this and start feeding many types of medicines from outside, which can be harmful for the health of the child. In such a situation, try feeding these vegetables to increase the height of children. Along with increasing the height, these vegetables will also strengthen their immunity. Let's know about these vegetables.


Turnips are very beneficial for health. A turnip eaten in winter helps to easily overcome many health problems of children. Plenty of fiber, vitamins, protein, fat and calcium are found in turnips. By eating this, the children's bones become strong and the height also increases.


Bhindi is very much loved by children. It can be easily fed to children. Carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins are found in okra, which help in increasing the height of children. By eating okra, the child's body develops properly and it also helps in increasing the height.


Spinach is very healthy for the body. Spinach is rich in iron, calcium, fiber and vitamins, which keep the digestive system of children strong and also help in increasing their height. Anemia and weakness are removed by eating spinach. You can easily feed babies by making spinach vegetables, making soups and parathas.


Beans are very much liked by children. It is rich in carbohydrates, folate, fiber and protein etc. Feeding beans to children strengthens their immunity and also keeps the digestive system healthy. Babies can be fed by making vegetables, kneading in soup or flour and making parathas.


Peas are very beneficial for health. It helps in keeping the children healthy. Peas are rich in fiber, protein, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, etc., which help in increasing the height along with strengthening the immunity of children. Make it a habit to feed all these vegetables to children from childhood.

With the help of all these vegetables, height increase with growth and development can be attained. Make it a habit to feed all these vegetables to children from the very beginning. If the child has any health problems, then start consuming them only after asking the doctor.

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