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Hormone Modulating Therapy for Breast Cancer and Its Link to Lower Alzheimer’s Risk

The study’s findings emphasize the importance of considering individual patient factors when prescribing medications or developing treatment plans for breast cancer....
Jul 18

FedEx to empower youth with digital skilling program

Over the past 25 years, Magic Bus has empowered over 30 lakh adolescents and 3.7 lakh youth, enabling their transition from childhood to livelihood....
Jul 17

Multipl Secures $1.5 Million in Additional Funds, Led by Blume Ventures and MIXI Global Investments, Japan

Multipl does have a great value proposition rewarding wise consumers with dual benefits from investment and discounts. The app encourages you to go for your ...
Jul 17

LinkedIn: A Double-Edged Sword for Professional Growth

LinkedIn offers immense opportunities for networking and career advancement but can also foster negative feelings like anxiety and Imposter Syndrome....
Jul 16

Chamraj Tea Estate Launches New Nilgiri Tea Blends: ‘Master Blend,’ ‘Master Blend Ginger Tea,’ and ‘Master Blend Lemon Tea’

Chamraj Tea Estate Proudly Reintroduces Its Renowned Single Estate Orthodox Tea BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe)....
Jul 16

Honoring a Healthcare Pioneer: Indian-origin Dr. George Matthew's Legacy in the UAE

Naming a street after Dr. George Matthew is more than just an honor; it’s a recognition of his lifelong dedication to improving healthcare in ...
Jul 15

Young Indians Face Higher Lung Cancer Risk: Insights and Implications

Factors such as air pollution, occupational hazards, second-hand smoke, and genetic predispositions contribute to the early onset of lung cancer....
Jul 15

Groundbreaking Discovery in Cancer Research: Over 5,000 Genetic Variations Identified

The comprehensive data is freely available, allowing doctors to use it for patient diagnosis and treatment selection. This means more accurate interpretation of genetic tests, ...
Jul 13

Cambodia Angkor Air teams up with Çelebi India for Cargo Operations

The Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal, equipped with advanced infrastructure and a dedicated team of professionals, is well-positioned to support the growing demands of air ...
Jul 12


India has all the essential ingredients for exponential growth in HealthTech and MedTech. These include a large population, a robust pharma and medical supply chain, ...
Jul 12

Shiprocket and Snowflake AI Data Cloud to empower 1.5 lakh merchants of BHARAT to scale their data infrastructure

The collaboration enables Shiprocket’s merchants with faster access to data and empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions quickly...
Jul 10

Dr. Shilpa Vora, Marico expert shares tips on how you can safeguard your baby’s skin during the monsoon season

Maintaining your baby’s skin during the monsoon season needs a combination of good hygiene and moisturization. Using products enriched with virgin coconut oil will ...
Jul 10

SIDBI and BluSmart: Flag-off ceremony of 140+ electric cars for ride hailing service

ABCD (Aaओ Bनाए Cलीन Diल्ली )- EV Powered Delhi....
Jul 09

SIDBI and BluSmart: Flag-off ceremony of 140+ electric cars for ride hailing service

ABCD (Aaओ Bनाए Cलीन Diल्ली )- EV Powered Delhi....
Jul 09

Zika Virus Alert in Maharashtra: Government's Proactive Steps for Public Safety

Effective implementation of these measures, combined with continuous public education and robust health infrastructure, is crucial in the fight against Zika virus....
Jul 04

Qatar Airways Chooses Çelebi India as Ground Handler for New Doha-Goa Flights

The company's commitment to excellence has earned the trust of major international carriers like British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic and even new carriers ...
Jul 04

Shiprocket Gears Up for Shiprocket SHIVIR 2024: A summit aimed to shape the future of Bharat’s eCommerce

Under the theme "Shaping the Future of Bharat's eCommerce," Shiprocket SHIVIR 2024 is set to ignite innovation and growth by equipping MSMEs with the ...
Jul 03

FORDA’s Meeting with Union Health Minister JP Nadda: Key Takeaways on NEET PG and Doctor Welfare

The ongoing efforts to ensure a credible and fair examination process will not only benefit the candidates but also strengthen the overall healthcare system in ...
Jul 02

The largest student entrepreneurship summit in India, hosted in Hyderabad concluded

Accomplished business leaders from across the globe, such as Phanindra Sama, Founder of redBus, Murali Bukkapatnam, Global Vice Chairman of TiE Global Board of Trustees, ...
Jun 27

Indian Pharma Giant Biocon Receives EMA Approval for Cancer Drug Production

This approval is a big step forward in the fight against cancer and highlights Biocon's growing importance in the global pharmaceutical industry....
Jun 25

Alyve Health Gains $5.5 Million Funding to Expand and Innovate Health Tech

The platform offers comprehensive health plans that include doctor consultations, diagnostic services, medications purchases, dental care, gym memberships, and proactive wellness programs....
Jun 21

Asaya's Mission to Redefine Skincare for Melanin-Rich Individuals Gains Momentum

Asaya plans to further its research and development efforts, creating innovative products that cater specifically to melanin-rich skin....
Jun 21

Gleneagles Hospital Kengeri Launches South India's First 5G-Enabled Ambulance Service in Partnership with Medulance

Achieving excellence in emergency care is a cornerstone of our mission at Gleneagles Bengaluru. The introduction of 5G-enabled ambulances is significantly enhancing our ability ...
Jun 21

Mobile-health Network Solutions [MaNaDr] to Offer GLP-1 Injectables for Medical Weight Loss from USD10/Day

Many weight management solutions available today ultimately fail – partly because patients do not receive the help they need, when they need it....
Jun 20

HRS Navigation announces aggressive hiring plans for its R&D and Clinical Support teams

From its current 90-member-strong team, the company plans on increasing its workforce by 30% with a blend of new talent and experienced professionals ...
Jun 19

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