Affordability in Cancer Care with 4baseCare

4baseCare is an onco-tech company that creates an ecosystem of patients, oncologists and researchers. It provides a first-of-its-kind gene panel test specifically created for the Indian population.

Annually, 1.5 million Indians get diagnosed with cancer. These numbers have to suffer not only from the disease but also the price tag that comes with it. Affordability in cancer care is rare. Targeted and personalised solutions in cancer are important but this pushes the price of treatments up. 

While working in a pharmaceutical company, Hitesh Goswami and Kshitij Datta Rishi met. The former was a neurobiologist and the latter a biotechnologist. They sought to tackle this mammoth of a problem. Together they decided to tackle affordability in oncology with 4baseCare. Goswami had always been interested in genomics and its application. Whereas, Kshitij had experience with working in two healthcare companies. 

4baseCare is an onco-tech company that creates an ecosystem of patients, oncologists and researchers. They developed genomic panels that help provide patients with targeted therapy using advanced genomics and digital health technology. With genomics, one can create personalised and precision solutions that target the patient’s cancer. It hosts specialists from India, USA and Singapore. 

Where a gene panel test would cost Rs 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs, 4baseCare provides the same in 1/4th the price. With affordability, their gene panel test is first-of-its-kind as it is specifically created for the Indian population. 

They were the part of the Illumina Accelerator programme and had raised an undisclosed amount in seed round. Other investors were Dheeraj Jain (MD of Redcliffe Lifesciences) and Lalit Wadhwa. The US-based investment firm, First-In-Venture, also gave seed funding. 

In its pre-Series A round, Mount Judi Ventures, growX ventures, Season Two Ventures, First-In-Venture, and other angel investors raised $2 million. Besides strengthening its R&D and operations, the funds will be used to expand its genomics test portfolio and its presence in Asia.

Will the affordability of 4baseCare help millions of Indians defeat cancer with personalised and affordable treatment?

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