Anti Kidney Stone Diet - What not to eat ?

Drink plenty of water in case of kidney stones, this is what doctors say!!! Let us check out at Medicircle what NOT to consume in case of kidney stone-Anti Kidney Stone Diet.

I was having unbearable pain in my stomach for a long time. When the pain did not go away for a long time, after getting tested, it was found that I have a stone in my kidney. This sentence which I have told you actually happens to many people. On finding out that there is a stone in the kidney, the doctor advises medicine or operation according to the size of the stone. In such a situation, the patient should take full care of the kidney stone diet. 

So let us know about the diet of kidney stones in this article.

Before knowing what to eat in kidney stones and what not to eat (Kidney stones diet), let us tell you what is a kidney stone?

Actually, the job of the kidney is to filter the blood. During this process, sodium, calcium, and other minerals reach the bladder in the form of small and marine particles through the ureter and are passed out of the body through urine.

But due to the increase in the amount of these elements in the blood, they start accumulating in the kidney itself and gradually become stone pieces. When this happens, there is a blockage in the way of urine reaching the bladder. Let us now know about the diet of kidney stones in detail.

What should not be eaten in kidney stone (Kidney stone food to avoid)

Cold drinks and caffeine are harmful

In the case of kidney stones, it is advisable to drink more and more water. But people also regularly consume caffeinated coffee and tea along with water. Both of these cause dehydration, so stop drinking coffee and tea if you have kidney stones. Apart from this, due to the presence of phosphoric acid, cold drinks also increase the circumcision of the stone. In this case, its consumption should also be minimized.

Say no to nonveg

The amount of protein in non-veg food is very high and in the case of kidney stones. Generally, you are asked to reduce the amount of protein. This is because in case of kidney stones, if excess protein is taken, then excess calcium is passed out through urine.

For your information, let us also tell you that purines are present in the food in which protein is found in abundance. Uric acid levels increase if a large amount of purines enters the body when kidney stones occur. Because of all this, the size of the stone also increases.

Reduce salt

In case of kidney stones, try to minimize salt intake.

So make sure, not to include these things if you are suffering from kidney stones.  Keep reading on Medicircle, to know what to eat in case of kidney stone which will be beneficial to you. 

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