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PM interacts with CMs to plan ahead for tackling COVID-19

Says that efforts of states should be directed towards converting the red zones into orange and thereafter to green zones...
Apr 28

India Update Covid 19 Pandemic

Updates on Coronavirus across India...
Apr 28

FMCG companies protects their Frontline workers

Special Insurance Scheme launched for the workers and distributors...
Apr 28

JNU starts Mid Semester Exams Online

A week ago, the varsity had given the endorsement for all schools and centres to hold the assessments in their favored mode - on the web, ...
Apr 28

Supreme court staff tests positive for Coronavirus

Supreme Court Staffer resumed duty on April 16...
Apr 28

Maha Update : 522 new cases 27 deaths : Covid 19 Pandemic

As many as 7,861 surveillance squads have been fanned out to survey a population of nearly 3.22 million around the state. ...
Apr 28

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd receives approval to manufacture Hydroxychloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate Tablets to fight COVID19

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Limited receive approval to manufacture Hydroxychloroquine among other critical drugs to fight COVID-19....
Apr 28

Berkeley Lights Launches Two New Capabilities in the Opto Cell Therapy Development

The new multiplex cytokine and cytotoxicity assays as a part of the Opto Cell Therapy Development 1.0 workflow will help users of the Berkeley ...
Apr 28

Bracko launches global Bracco cares initiative to support HealthCare professionals through trying times

BRACCO CARES is an opportunity for Bracco to give back to the imaging community for all that they do to support the diagnosis, treatment, and ...
Apr 28

Menarini Silicon Biosystems Explores New Application for Circulating Endothelial Cells in COVID-19

Enumeration of Circulating Endothelial Cells (CECs) with CELLSEARCH platform may offer a new tool for investigating the role of the damaged endothelium in SARS-CoV-...
Apr 28

Introducing MedsLOCK by Maxonrow and Avantas Tech

Maxonrow is honored to team up with Avantas Tech to launch MedsLOCK, a much-welcomed solution to help combat the global flight against COVID-19. ...
Apr 28

Hilton Defining a New Standard of Hotel Cleanliness partners with RB/Lysol and Mayo Clinic

Apr 28

“Restart Your Business with BV”

Bureau Veritas is on hand to support business resumption with appropriate health and safety conditions across all sectors ...
Apr 28

Fight Virus with AI!

With infrared thermal body temperature measuring, Pensees’ Intelligent Non-contact Body Temperature Monitoring System includes intelligent FR access with an integrated temperature screening module and ...
Apr 28

Hyderabad's Start-Up Soniks Consulting to Unveil Webkonf Meetings

The web conferencing market has a wider user base from across industries including IT Industry, corporate houses, healthcare, manufacturing, BFSI. Now during the Lockdown, Education, ...
Apr 28

World's First Ayurvedic Only Telemedicine Service Launched

Total Ayurveda Care also offers specialized nutritional consulting, which is based on your current state of health, dietary habits and health issues. ...
Apr 28

India COVID-19 update 2pm

Updates on COVID-19 situation across India....
Apr 28

190 new coronavirus cases reported in Delhi; Andhra reports 80

Apr 28

Mohali reports new case, district tally rises to 64

Jawaharpur village is seriously-hit by the contagion, accounting for 39 of the 64 cases in Mohali...
Apr 28

Russia surpasses China with 87,000 cases

Many firms have already warned that they risk going bankrupt if the lockdown continues, and thousands of workers have been laid off...
Apr 28

Australia Says "Winning" Against Coronavirus, Eases Lockdown

Australia recorded just one new case of COVID-19 from an unknown source in the past 24 hours, suggesting community transmission had almost stopped, Health ...
Apr 28

"Pandemic "Far From Over", Worried About Children, Says WHO Chief

The UN agency is concerned about rising numbers of cases and deaths in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and some Asian countries, even as the ...
Apr 28

Coronavirus Lockdowns Begin To Ease, Cases Top 3 Million

With some of Europe's worst-hit nations reporting drops in daily death counts, governments are exploring how to relax confinement orders exacting their own ...
Apr 28

New Zealand Has 'Won Battle' Against COVID-19 Community Transmission: PM

Everyone wants to "bring back the social contact that we all miss", Jacinda Ardern said, "but to do it confidently we need to move slowly ...
Apr 28

Boris Johnson Makes First Public Appearance After Virus Absence

In a statement in Downing Street marking his return to work, looking thinner and with his trademark blond hair a little longer, Johnson apologized for ...
Apr 28

Austrians allowed outside as restaurants and hotels to reopen in May

The rules have to followed strictly to continue and control the situations across Austria...
Apr 28

Denmark approves start of work for €7 billion underwater tunnel to Germany

The construction was paused as per the COVID situation across Europe....
Apr 28

New Symptoms Of COVID-19 Identified By Top US Medical Body

The CDC says its list of symptoms is not all inclusive and people must consult doctors for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning ...
Apr 28

COVID-19 cases in India cross 29,000 as death toll tops 900; Health ministry issues guidelines for home isolation

With very mild symptoms of coronavirus or those pre-symptomatic can opt for home isolation if they have the requisite self-isolation facility at their ...
Apr 28

Kawasaki disease: 'Coronavirus-related illness' affecting children emerging in the UK, NHS warns

As per NHS information, just 1,523 of the in excess of 99,000 affirmed instances of COVID-19 recorded in the UK between January ...
Apr 28

Is There A Link Between Hair Loss & Infertility?

A detail analysis of baldness with infertility and how few signs can help you treat yourself. Here's an understanding towards it....
Apr 28

Brazil edges toward becoming next big Coronavirus hotspot

President Jair Bolsonaro continues to insist that it is a "little flu" and that there is no need for sharp restrictions in the nation...
Apr 28

BARDA to work with Cytovale on sepsis test

The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) has struck a partnership with Cytovale to develop a rapid diagnostic system for sepsis as part of ...
Apr 28

On World Day For Safety And Health At Work The International Labour Organization Keeps a Webinar For Workers

Recognizing the great challenge that governments, employers, workers and whole societies are facing worldwide to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Day for Safety ...
Apr 28

Toyota Group Engaged in Full Production of Medical Face Shields

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Toyota Group companies are engaged in full-scale production of medical face shields in Japan, with Toyota largely expanding its ...
Apr 28

US Imposes New Restrictions On Exports To China Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The rules were posted for public inspection and will be published in the Federal Register on Tuesday...
Apr 28

India recorded its highest single-day spike in toll due to COVID-19 as 60 deaths and 1,463 new infections are reported

The number of COVID-19 cases climbed to 28,380 and the death toll due to it rose to 886 in the country on Monday, ...
Apr 28

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