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Manipur, West Bengal , Chhattishgarh, Bhopal goes back to lockdown

Lockdown update across India as on July 23...
Jul 23

Glenmark announces favorable phase 3 trial results for Favipiravir

Phase 3 Trial demonstrates statistically significant faster time to clinical improvement with Favipiravir treatment in mild to moderate COVID 19 patients...
Jul 23

India records 45,720 coronavirus cases, 1,129 deaths in biggest 24-hours

India pandemic number continues to grow...
Jul 23

Best Ways to Improve Your Digestion Naturally

Studies recommend that artificial sugars may expand your number of destructive gut microscopic organisms...
Jul 23

MyLab testing kits get ICMR nod

Previously, ICMR had approved SD Biosensor, a Korean company for antigen test kits....
Jul 23

Mosquitoes cannot spread COVID-19, Kansas State University

Research proves negative to mosquitoes being carrier of Coronavirus, a major relief to WHO...
Jul 23

What is Jal Neti: 10 Must-know Health Benefits | A-to-Z Guidance

Those who have blocked or nasal congestion should perform it many times of the day to prevent germs...
Jul 23

Fad is not fit and how to recognise a Fad Diet

You can't hope to get more fit unless you don't change your way of life propensities or food decisions...
Jul 23

Foods that our body is unable to digest

Did you know there are different food sources you're eating all the time that your body battles to process?...
Jul 23

T-Cells are the new hero in the fight against COVID-19

As the pandemic took the world by storm, scientists first focused on antibodies -- proteins that stick to and disable foreign invaders...
Jul 23

Pilots dreads to loose licenses amid lockdown

The International Air Transport Association said international air traffic may not return to pre-Covid levels until 2024....
Jul 23

UN general assembly annual meet to go virtual

The UN has said that given the evolving nature of the situation and the many remaining uncertainties regarding COVID-19...
Jul 23

US signs for 100 million COVID-19 vaccines

Pfizer and BioNTech, which are developing the drug together, said in statements that the American people would receive the future vaccine "for free"...
Jul 23

Don't expect first COVID-19 vaccinations until early 2021: WHO

Mike Ryan, head of WHO's emergencies programme said several vaccines were now in phase 3 trials and none had failed...
Jul 23

DRDO establishes COVID-19 testing facility at DIHAR, Leh

DRDO has established a testing lab at Leh to enhance the rate of testing to identify the Corona cases in the Union Territory of Ladakh...
Jul 23

India's second national-level plasma bank

C Vijaybhaskar also mentioned that a committee was constituted to discuss the death count and it was recommended that 444 deaths be added to the ...
Jul 23

Rs 1 Lakh penalty, 2-Year jail for violating COVID-19 rules

Jharkhand has reported 6,485 coronavirus cases including 3,397 cases and 64 deaths....
Jul 23

HCQ, Chloroquine do not show antiviral effect against Coronavirus

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and chloroquine, two drugs, commonly used for the treatment of malaria, have been investigated for their potential to treat COVID-19...
Jul 23

Fake COVID-19 kits seized in International trafficking crackdown

Officials seized $40 million worth of fake or substandard products in 77 countries, and arrested 407 people in the operation, carried out from December 2019 ...
Jul 23

Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro tests COVID-19 positive for third time

President Bolsonaro is still in good condition, accompanied by the presidency's medical team,"a secretariat of the Communications Ministry said...
Jul 23

COVID-19 news update - Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, 23rd July

Latest news update on COVID-19 from north-east states...
Jul 23

AIIMS Nagpur develops smart wristband to track COVID-19 patients

This device is in the form of a smart wristband. It is conceptualized by Dr Prathamesh Kamble, Assistant Professor, Physiology, AIIMS Nagpur. ...
Jul 23

UAE to start COVID-19 trial on 15000 volunteers

All clinical trials are subject to country regulations, and the strict international guidelines stipulated by the WHO to ensure the safety of volunteers...
Jul 23

Cobra Biologics signs supply agreement with AstraZeneca

Cobra Biologics signs supply agreement with AstraZeneca for manufacture of COVID-19 vaccine candidate...
Jul 23

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