AXA France India collaborates with Manas Foundation to launch a free 24-hour mental health helpline.

The National Mental Health Survey of India found that 1 in 20 people in India suffers from depression, "productive age groups are affected most", the economic burden of mental disorders is huge, and the treatment gap varies between 70% and 92%.

AXA France Vie’s India division joins hands with the New Delhi-based NGO - Manas Foundation, to launch a fully funded, completely free-of-cost Mental Health Helpline. AXA believes that in these unprecedented and uncertain times unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic, mental illness and distress have emerged as a silent pandemic that has been brewing under the garb of the ‘New Normal’.

 The helpline not only functions as a crisis response helpline but as a holistic system of mental healthcare providing long-term mental health support via prompt referrals to other human resource personnel as and when required.

AXA has been working towards normalizing mental health globally and in India, viz this CSR initiative AXA India aims to raise awareness and educate the masses about mental health.

The 24X7 PAN India Helpline will provide mental health support and consultations from counselors and psychologists. Anybody can call on ‘080 6909 6909’ at any time and avail the benefits of this helpline, free of cost.

Ms. Monica Kumar, Psychologist and Founding Trustee of Manas Foundation, stated at the launch of the helpline, "The last two years of the pandemic have instilled fear in us." And it is this fear that leads to depression. According to our findings, people are more concerned than ever about anxiety and depression. This has resulted in an increase in domestic violence and student suicides, as well as an atmosphere of stress and burnout around us. Given the current situation, we are pleased to collaborate with AXA France India and launch the free 24x7 Pan India helpline in tandem with the Government's increased focus on improving India's mental health space.

 Their goal at Manas Foundation is to build an inclusive community of people who are more sympathetic to the issue of mental health.

 Several medical practitioners, psychologists, volunteers, and people who have experienced a genuine change in their lives as a result of their association with the Manas Foundation attended the event.

AXA has also globally launched several AI-driven solutions to support its users dealing with mental health issues. The company has a full-fledged health partner in the form of an AI that allows access to resources and advice on health-related issues, including mental health. This allows the users to communicate freely about their situation.

Similarly, Manas Foundation has adopted a psycho-social model that aims to not only normalize the issue of mental health but also provide an open platform for people to talk freely about it.

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