Benefits and Side effects of caffeine

Coffee is a great stimulus to keep you alert. Along with advantages, it also has some disadvantages which needs to be taken care of us. Let us know in details

Most students increase their intake of tea or coffee in college to stay alert and focus. Because the caffeine present in it gives energy to the body. Caffeine not only increases concentration of body and mind but also affects working capacity. Its consumption reduces fatigue, stress, anxiety, nervousness etc. Be it any type of headache or migraine, consumption of caffeine is beneficial. Many such drinks that contain some proportion of caffeine are also quite popular. The amount of caffeine in these (about 1 medium sized cup) is as follows - coffee-100-150 mg, cocoa 1.5 - 5 mg, milk chocolate 1-5 mg, the caffeinated coffee 2-10 mg, energy drink 52- Tea 35-125 mg, 150 mg, and soft drinks 25- 50 mg, 7-30 mg in dark chocolate (25 g)

Some medicines for colds also contain some amount of caffeine, which can be known by reading the level on the glass. But each drink has some benefits and some disadvantages. So we want to focus your attention on some such special points.

Benefits of caffeine

Caffeine is an energy booster

One of the reasons why coffee is so popular is that coffee contains caffeine. Which gives you energy. It gives energy to work for school or office goers. That's why people like to drink it very much. Along with giving energy, if your mood becomes very bad or you become very upset due to pressure, then caffeine is also very beneficial in correcting your mood.

No Dependency 

We all have a common belief that caffeine becomes a habit like drugs. But if you will use it only for a short time and do not let it dominate you, then it can also be very beneficial for you. 

Caffeine has anti-cancer properties

You can also get some long lasting benefits by using caffeine. It is true that excessive use of coffee is not good for your health, but it is an anticancer, its use reduces the risk of liver cancer. Along with this, caffeine is also very good for type 2 diabetes.

Side effects of caffeine for students

Caffeine makes you sleepy

Using caffeine can disturb your sleeping pattern. You may sleep late and wake up late in the morning. After consuming it, sleep is very difficult. Also, excessive consumption can lead to hydration problems.

Different types of Caffeine

Not all types of caffeine are the same. Any type of caffeine can be more harmful for your body, then any type of caffeine does not have much effect on your body. That's why you should use caffeine only after watching. Which is not very harmful for your health.

Sesame is beneficial in reducing blood pressure, learn from expert how to consume

High blood pressure level or high blood pressure is a very serious problem. It is called hypertension in medical language. But if blood pressure remains uncontrolled for a long time, it can increase the risk of many serious diseases, such as heart attack and stroke etc. Therefore it is very important to control blood pressure.

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