Benefits and side effects of Mushrooms

There are more than 14 thousand species of mushrooms in the world. If we talk about edible mushrooms, then only about 3 thousand species are edible. Let us check the details

Sometimes you can make mushroom curry from Poisonous Mushrooms. There are more than 14 thousand species of mushrooms in the world. If we talk about edible mushrooms, then only about 3 thousand species are edible.

Mushroom Vegetables are good for health. Nutrients like vitamin D, calcium, protein, and potassium are found in mushrooms. Many people are also fond of eating mushroom vegetables. If you also like mushroom vegetables, then definitely be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of eating mushrooms. Because sometimes you can make mushroom curry from Poisonous Mushrooms. 

In the cases so far, there are about 30 such species that are poisonous. Many times we read in the news that people die from eating mushroom vegetables. The main reason for this is that poisonous mushrooms are consumed.

Types of mushrooms that are edible

There is no fear of any kind of mushrooms which are edible. The most commonly eaten mushrooms are King Bolt, Pine Mushroom, Gucci Mushroom, Oyster Mushroom, Sulfur Shelf Mushroom, etc. You can eat these types of mushrooms anytime, anywhere.

How to Recognize Poisonous Mushrooms

Most poisonous mushrooms are found in forests. Avoid eating wild mushrooms. To recognize a poisonous mushroom, keep a few simple symptoms in mind. For example, the mushroom which is like an umbrella should not be eaten.

White rings are also made in the stem of poisonous mushrooms. The spots are also very high in poisonous mushrooms. If you have a very old mushroom then do not consume it. The Amanita species is best known as a poisonous mushroom. The Amanita mushroom is considered a poisonous mushroom. Its consumption can also lead to death.

Symptoms of damage from mushrooms

Many times we eat poisonous mushrooms and do not know. If there is a problem of vomiting, abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, and frequent diarrhea after eating mushrooms. So it should be seen as a symptom of poisonous mushrooms.

If such symptoms appear after eating mushrooms, then definitely consult a doctor. While making mushroom curry, make sure that the mushrooms are not raw. Make mushroom vegetables with cleanliness. Wash and cook the mushrooms thoroughly.

There are many benefits of eating good and right species of mushrooms. Choosing the right species is important for the body to get the benefits of mushrooms properly.

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