Best and worst food to eat before sleep

▴ Best and worst food to eat before sleep
Read on to discover the best and worst food to eat before bedtime

What we eat determines everything – how healthy we are, how well we can fight infections and diseases, and even the quality of our sleep. We should not eat more fried foods which can cause acidity problems at night. The right kind of food induces sleep. They work in many ways – from regulating your body's biological processes to helping in the synthesis of compounds that affect the quality of sleep. Wrong food inhibits sleep - they either prevent the body from relaxing and make it difficult to fall asleep, or they stimulate the body, keeping you awake even if you are tired and want to fall asleep. 

Foods to avoid

Do not drink tea before sleeping - Some people drink tea even before sleeping at night, but this habit can spoil your health. Drinking tea before sleeping can cause sleep-related problems.

Do not eat chips - Many people have the habit of eating chips at night which is not good for your health at all. Monosodium glutamate which is present in high amounts in processed food can cause insomnia.

Do not eat chocolate at night - Chocolate is a source of caffeine that can be a hindrance to sleep. 

Spicy food - Chillies and hot peppers are a good way to drive sleep away, so unless you want to stay awake for at least a couple of hours, you should avoid eating spicy food before bed. One of the ways spices affect our sleep is by triggering our gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). Spices are also packed with a good number of antioxidants, which can serve to boost metabolism and serve as a wake-up call for the body, making it increasingly difficult to fall asleep. Finally, the high thermic effect of spicy foods can adversely affect sleep by raising body temperature.

Foods you should eat

Eat light food at dinner - Avoid the consumption of non-vegetarian food before sleeping at night. Non-vegetarian food takes time to digest and eating non-vegetarian food at night can lead to stomach-related problems like constipation etc. As far as possible eat light food at night.

Melatonin food for insomnia- Banana, sweetcorn radishes, oats, tomatoes are food that is high in melatonin. Insomniacs should consume foods that contain melatonin. 

Drink Milk - Most Indians are familiar with the practice of dunking a glass of milk before going to bed. Milk keeps the tummy calm and acts as a wonderful snooze-boost!

Yogurt - For those who cannot digest milk, yogurt is a good alternative. Packed with similar benefits as those that milk has, yogurt can be a good and 'cool' way to end a meal. According to a study, a low level of calcium give rise to unregulated sleep patterns, lack of deep 'REM' sleep.

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