Best Winter SuperFoods

Winter season brings a lot of seasonal variety of fruits and vegetables. Let us check out some of the best winter foods this year 2022 which you can relish.

There is a seasonal change with the winter setting in this year. The earlier phase of October brought some heat and warmth followed by chilly nights. Now, we are ready to experience the real winter season. These environmental changes bring on various health-related issues. Thus, it is important to keep yourself warm and healthy. 

Seasonal and lifestyle changes during winter season 

Winter has an amazing disposition where we tend to spend more time indoors which is quite common. This causes a lack of sunshine which leads to a drop in Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D plays a very important role in strengthening our immune system. This makes it important to choose the right superfoods for a healthy body. Especially during winters. 

So, brace up yourself to know and welcome some amazing superfoods this winter. Get ready to enjoy seasonal varieties of fruits and vegetables which help support the immune system.

Top Winter Superfoods

Enjoying the flavor of the season is the great way to gorge on amazing foodstuffs. Consuming them this time can help retain freshness and flavor at its best. Moreover, some seasonal fruits and vegetables show high concentration of nutrients and elements which is great for the body. 

Here are some top winter superfoods which you can opt for -


Amla is considered an excellent source of Vitamin C. It is a great antioxidant which helps in fighting oxidative stress and reduces the harmful effects of free radicals. It is great for the digestive system and kidney too. It is considered a great blood purifier and excellent for weight management. 


Bajra is a great source of complex carbs enriched with fiber which help you control hunger pangs during winter and keep you full for a longer time. This will take care of overeating and control weight as well. It is a superb carbohydrate which does not contain any gluten and helps keep chronic illness at bay. It plays a very important role in controlling cholesterol levels and sugar levels of the body. 


This green vegetable is an excellent source of iron and other nutrients like Vitamin A,K,C.  It is great for your bones and helps in generation of hemoglobin which helps in improving your energy levels. They are lower in calories and high in fiber and antioxidants which helps in maintaining healthy BMI. 

Nuts and seeds 

Winter is an amazing season to munch on nuts and seeds. You can choose from a wide variety of nuts like almonds, cashews and walnuts. Seeds are great sources of the fiber and provide good nutrient content along with high omega- 3 fatty acids. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab on these healthy foods and start gorging on them to grow healthier and stronger this season. 

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