Bogged down due to work stress? Here 5 motivational tips that can help everyone

A strong boundary should be created at work and leisure while working from home. Learn to draw a line between work and leisure to make sure that you don't get bogged down due to work pressure.

With the lockdown changing our lifestyle, coping up with our mind and body is becoming difficult. Today, people are finding it difficult to make progress at home and home. Lockdown has created a great impact on our health. Mental health issues are widespread because of COVID. The lockdown is leaving many people anxious and uncertain. As the country goes into lockdown to curb the COVID19 pandemic, there have been reported studies of an increase in the mental health demand across the globe.

Working from home- Respect the line between work and leisure

Confined to home all the time can be one of the major reasons for getting bogged down this season. If you are feeling work pressure all the time, then it's time to take a break. While many of us, working from home cannot draw a line between a personal and professional life. Giving time to yourself is also very important. Yoga, meditation, and exercise at home can help you devote some time to yourself and can certainly change your life. Many people have switched to start working from permanently sitting on their couch. This is causing more health issues and making it difficult for them to cope up with their lifestyle. 

Work smart and take regular breaks 

Enhance your focus and stay steady on it. Show up for quality work than quantity work. List up a few things at the beginning of the day that you would like to work on. This involves formulating a chart and working on it. In the end, make sure that you tick down all the work completed for the day which will give you a sense of achievement. Taking a regular break at work for a couple of hours can help. Allocate your work to show better results in good quality time. Be self productive. Keep sufficient time for yourself. 

Motivational videos 

To boost mental productivity, start your day with a motivational quote or a video. This will gear you up and prep you. The new- norm that is gaining traction these days among the employees is “rewarding work”. Everyone wants to get rewarded for their work and earn that extra income for their life. Go for counseling and support services to present stress during work. Performance boosting work is the need of the hour. COVID19 has impacted many people’s jobs and led to job loss. Monitor your self-performance and protect yourself against leaves and absence from work. 

Invest quality time at work

Being efficient at work, minimizing invested time, and ensuring flexibility at work are all effective to maintain healthy work balance. With a proper plan, you can make work more fun and enjoyable rather than compulsion. The corporate world has grown more exponentially with a lot of new industries. With this workload is increased leading to more stress for the employees. Your quality time and work are very important which will make you stand out. Coping up with tight schedules and deadlines may result in depression and job loss. With discipline, you can make your work more constructive. 

Self-care is important 

Take a break and put your mind at rest. If you are bogged down this season, indulge your time in some self-care where you can do some online shopping for yourself. Stuffing up groceries and stocking up important things has been one of the major priorities for the last few months. Start by relaxing and giving time for yourself. Switching to some online shopping which can boost your mental state of mind can be a great idea. Increasing fear of COVID19 spread plays a huge impact on our life. Make sure that your work life is not killing your mental health. 

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