Can diabetes eat potatoes?

Diabetes can just not be everything. They need to be extra cautious. Can diabetes eat potatoes? let us check out in detail.

Can diabetics eat potatoes? This question keeps ticking every diabetic's mind. Many diabetics check with their nutritionist, dietician, or doctor about what they should consume. Well, the answer for diabetics consuming potatoes is very important. Potatoes are root vegetables which high starchy content. It is important to consume potatoes in the right way and in moderation. Baked and boiled potatoes should be the best choice for diabetics instead of fried potatoes. 

We understand that fried salty french fries are tasty but moderation is the key. But, making the right choice is equally important. 

Types of potatoes 

Choosing the right kind of potato is also important. There are two kinds of potatoes- 

  • Normal vegetable potato 
  • Sweet potato

How can I enjoy potatoes?

Potatoes should be encouraged as they are nutrient-dense and healthy in nature when consumed the right way. It has high-quality complex carbs. Potatoes often have a bad reputation among diabetics to consume them. We know you are diabetic and you have sugar cravings. Well, potato is fatty food and increases blood sugar levels. The key point is to exercise well or maybe just go for a walk if you a diabetic and enjoy your meal with potatoes. This is the right way to consume potatoes. 

How the potatoes are digested by your system?

Are you diabetic? Well, it is essential to check all the foods that you take in to keep your blood glucose levels under check. When you are keeping an eye on blood sugar levels closely, carbs matter a lot. Potatoes are broken down into carbs and this increases the sugar levels. This may enter your bloodstream and causes sugar levels to rise. So, it is advisable for diabetics to consume potatoes in the right moderation and in the correct way. Do not get overboard with potatoes by frying them and consuming them in french fries form. 

Vitamins and Nutrients in potatoes

There are many vitamins and nutrients present in the potatoes. Right from the skin, the entire potato has many benefits as follows- 

  • Rich in fiber
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • High in potassium 
  • High in B6 
  • Full of healthy carbs in form of starch 

Potatoes have a high glycemic index and must to consumed in moderation for diabetics. Potatoes have a tendency to raise sugar levels and must be taken care of for diabetics. The best way to consume potatoes is baked or boiled as a separate meal. Do not forget to couple it up with exercise which is great for you. 

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