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Dr. Surender Pal Singh explains arthritis causes, symptoms, and treatments. He also gives insights into the preventive measures to take care of arthritis complications. He also mentions, “Do not neglect pain” to improve the quality of life.

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Dr. Surender Pal Singh is the founder and Director of Synergy Clinics. He is a pain management specialist from the USA, holds various accreditations in the field of spinal and sports injuries. Dr. Singh holds a CPD from the University of Sydney in Pain Management and has completed certification in sports and running medicine from Harvard Medical School (USA). He is presently a member of the North American Spine Society (NASS) And the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. He has +15 years of experience in treating chronic pain ailments, patient care, rehabilitation and has clientele across the globe such as Indonesia, Kuwait, the USA, Australia, etc. 

The similarity between arthritis and osteoarthritis is the same

Dr. Surender Pal Singh says, “Osteoarthritis is seen in the middle-aged and elderly age group which is the degeneration of the joints. OA can be due to 

Aging process  Trauma  Deficiency of vitamins Defective alignment  Degeneration  Malunion 

Arthritis and osteoarthritis are two different clinical terms. Arthritis means inflammation of the joints. It is related to the swelling of joints. Osteoarthritis is basically a degenerative change of cartilage due to wear and tears. Dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and exercise can help in arthritis.”

Causes of arthritis 

Dr. Surender Pal Singh informs, “It is important that one should not neglect any joint pain which can lead to complications. Arthritis refers to - 

Joint swelling  Joint pain  Restricted mobility of joint  Affect single joint or multiple joints 

Arthritis is divided into - Sero Negative or Seropositive arthritis. 

The main causes of arthritis are - 

Bacterial Infection  Viral Infection Lower immunity  Autoimmune response Hereditary  Systemic changes Genetic causes.”

Diagnosis of arthritis

Dr. Surender Pal Singh states, “Arthritis may be caused due to autoimmune issues of our body. We cannot permanently cure this condition but definitely reduce these complications. The patient has to take care during the episodic attacks of af arthritis by - 

Staying healthy Reduce complications  Staying in the comfort zone with medicines  Do not neglect the pain Improve the quality of life  Strong immunity  Avoid wrong habits like smoking and alcohol Take care of healthy mental well being  Increase rest periods  Combine therapies  Physical modifications  Dietary modifications  Exercises

Some arthritis is not curable.”

Cure for arthritis 

Dr. Surender Pal Singh informs, “The cure of arthritis is by 

Focusing on nutrient uptake Exercise and physical activity  Help in bones formation and reabsorption  Good muscle health  A healthy response to  the body Sound sleep  Hormonal balance and mechanism 

It is our duty to maintain healthy surroundings to treat joint pains. Unfortunately due to covid, the outdoor activities are impacted and affected. So, we need to bring about lifestyle changes for the same. We have to come forward for this.” 



(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)

Contributed by: Dr. Surender Pal Singh, Founder, and Director of Synergy Clinics

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