Does exercising on an empty stomach helps burn fat?

Exercising works wonders to burn fat. However, exercising on an empty stomach may be more beneficial for some people. It is important to take care while exercising to get it right when on empty stomach.

Exercising on a regular basis has many health benefits. We all are aware of the best benefits of exercising regularly. Along with keeping you fit, it also helps you stay motivated and active. There is more to it. Studies have also proven that exercising helps in burning fat at a faster pace and thus helps in regulating Body Mass Index. 

One question which keeps ticking in many people’s minds is can exercising on an empty stomach helps burn fat faster? Today, we are here to solve this mystery of exercising on an empty stomach. So, let's begin to accelerate your fat-burning issues at a faster pace and more effectively. According to a recent study, exercising on an empty stomach helps to burn about 70% more fat than the people who exercised two hours after eating breakfast. 

Study reveals on exercising an empty stomach 

A study was reported in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. Scientists at Nottingham Trent University designed a study where people cycled around 6:30 pm at moderate intensity for 30 minutes, before completing a time span to cycle as far as they could in 15 minutes. 

On analysis, the researchers revealed that similar to exercise after an overnight fast, fasted exercise in the evening also increased the amount of fat burned during that workout session. It was noted that the fat burned by 70% from 4.5g to 7.7g. 

Fuelling your body with food is important before exercise 

It is important to understand the body while exercising. Before you start getting habituated to exercising on an empty stomach, it is important to analyze what suits you best. The most popular time to exercise is morning or evening i.e before we start work or at the end of the day. It is important to make sure what you are eating throughout the day before you headstart with exercises. Evening exercises are better as you have already fueled the body to start exercising. 

When it comes to morning exercises, it is important to have at least one fruit to break the fast. Those who feel energetic in hitting the gym just with a cup of coffee and on empty stomach must make sure to carry a bottle of water to regularly sip on it. This will keep you hydrated and your energy levels high. 

Fasting before evening exercise may help in benefitting some elements of health because of the increasing amount of fat burned during exercise or by reducing the number of calories that a person eats during the day. If empty stomach exercises are done regularly, it may also help in improving the way the body deals with spikes in blood sugar after eating meals. 

So, give it a try and get started with exercising on an empty stomach.

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