Factors responsible for increasing the risk of developing breast cancer

Breast cancer can be managed and detected well with an early diagnosis. Late pregnancies, obesity, pollution, incorrect diet and hormonal changes are some of the reasons behind the rise in cases of breast cancer. Here are some factors and causes that increase the risk

Breast cancer is one of the most commonly prevalent forms of cancer globally, and unfortunately, the second leading cause of death amongst women (and also a disease that afflicts women more than men). In India, every 1 in 28 women are said to suffer from breast cancer, and it is becoming increasingly prevalent amongst younger ages.

Diet - Diet is also one important factor to check one's cancer risk. It has been said that consuming high-fat diets, which not only contribute to one's obesity risk, also is a big risk factor that determines breast cancer risk. Unmoderated, or poor dietary choices can lead to the development of fat cells in the body, which can increase estrogen levels. As such, it's important to limit or minimize the consumption of junk, processed foods, alcohol, meats, added sugar and refined carbs.

Brest density - Those who have dense breasts, tend to have more fibrous tissues and less fat deposition in their breasts, which can also increase chances of developing breast cancer. Doctors also say that dense breasts can make it difficult to detect or visualize cancerous cells in the breasts when mammograms are taken or may require other forms of imaging techniques.

Birth control pills - Hormonal changes and disruptions are an often-linked cause of some forms of cancer, including breast cancer. Using birth control, particularly the kinds which may include higher hormonal use (such as oral contraceptives, implants, IUDs, vaginal rings) can increase the risk or likelihood of diagnosing breast cancer.

Reproductive history - experts do say that late pregnancies, as well as a higher percentile of women tending to have no kids, are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer. With later or no pregnancies, the breast tissue gets exposed to a higher volume of estrogen over time, which can certainly increase one's risk, especially if there are also other risk factors at play. 

Obesity - Obesity is one of the biggest health problems affecting people globally. While an increase in weight increases the cholesterol and risk of vascular diseases, it has also been seen that obesity is one of the factors which can increase an individual's risk of developing breast cancer. Breast cancer is also a condition that worsens when one is overweight after menopause.

Menstruation and menopause - experts also say that women who may get their periods early (start menstruating before the age of 12), or reach menopause much later also have a higher exposure factor to estrogen, which can affect breast tissues. Women facing such risks are asked to go for more frequent screenings and be informed about their breast cancer risks.

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