Funds totaling Rs 175 crores are raised for Soothe Healthcare

The creator of Paree Sanitary Pads and India's fastest-growing personal hygiene company, Soothe Healthcare, recently announced a new round of funding from its current investors totaling Rs 120 crores and an additional Rs 55 crores from the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC).

With A91, Symphony, Sixth Sense, and GII are some of the existing business partners, the company will use the funds raised to expand its distribution networks and broaden its appeal to women in tier II and tier III markets. Additionally, the money will be utilised to boost marketing efforts and disseminate a wider social message on women's menstrual hygiene. This is consistent with DFC's efforts to empower women and give them the financial means to give their health and hygiene requirements first priority through its Global Health and Prosperity Initiative and 2X Women's Initiative.

The founder and CEO of Soothe Healthcare, Sahil Dharia stated “Raising a meaningful amount from existing partners and US Govt. DFC validates our brand’s commitment to prioritize menstrual hygiene access, product, people, and communities. Our endeavor is to provide women with high-quality products at great value. Our value proposition and social impact-driven business model has helped establish Paree Sanitary Pads as a trusted personal hygiene brand across India. This fresh inflow of funds will help us reach women across wider geographies.”

Under its main brand of Paree sanitary pads, Soothe Healthcare, a winner of the Spirit of Manufacturing Award, manufactures, distributes, and markets personal hygiene products. With the introduction of its brand ‘Super Cute's’, it has now entered the baby diaper market. Soothe is an R&D-driven firm with a strong focus on the requirements of its customers. It is dedicated to product innovation that meets those demands and improves the quality of life for its customers. The goal is to have a beneficial effect on the community, of which we are a part, in terms of health, cleanliness, and wellness.

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