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“We all interact with the environment on a daily basis. This constitutes all living and non-living things surrounding us. Environment has a great impact on human health”

Environment has a very important role to play. It influences positively or negatively, a person’s mental health and wellbeing. Staying away from natural green weather, affects our mental health. The effects of our changing climate, unstable weather pattern also influences our mental health. Among all environmental hazards, air pollution is very much harmful for our physical damage to lungs, heart and affecting mental level. Evidences shows that there is a link between certain air pollutants and mental illness such as depression, anxiety, dementia, suicide. The risk of this disease is generally high among people who are living in urban areas. According to studies adults are more likely to have depression if they are exposed to bad air environment during their childhood or adolescents.

Urbanization with increasing pollution, isolates humans from nature. This makes the humans devoid of taking benefits of being surrounded by natural environments. This also raises the risk of getting exposed to air pollution which basically affects mental health. Heavy metal lead is toxic to our nervous system. Presence of lead in our blood can result in decreased intelligence, behavioral difficulties and learning problems in children.

While air pollution and other environmental hazards are a threat to our mental health, a healthy environment in the midst of nature promotes a feeling of wellness, relaxation and stability of mind. Local authorities and citizens can play a key role here. They can take initiatives towards minimizing air pollution and availing a greener environment. A naturally green world gives innumerable health benefits. Air pollution should be controlled for improved management of the ecosystem. Forest can also stimulate physical and mental well-being.

The environment impacts human health with physical (humidity,radiation), chemical (pesticides, insecticides),and biological hazards (microbes, viruses). Breathing polluted air can seriously affect our health whereas breathing clean air can keep you active and healthy. 

Avoid using chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Many of these products emit nitrous oxide, which is a greenhouse gas.

Try to avoid burning wood unless it’s very much needed.

You can consider using natural gas or a propane grill of charcoal or wood.

You can limit the use of motorized transportation vehicles if it’s possible. You can walk or jog, this will keep you healthy and at the same time you are doing the environment a favor.

Consider carpooling or car sharing programs for routine commutes. Chain your trips together to reduce travel time and emissions.

If you are at a stop light and going to be parked longer, please turn off your vehicle.

Do consider factor fuel efficiency and emission estimation before buying a new vehicle.

Fueling a car in hot temperatures increases the amount of ozone released into the air. Try to avoid this.

We have to take care of the environment as it has a large impact on our health and wellbeing. We all can work together to be proactive for a safe, healthy and happy world for our next generation.

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