Hair growth tips and home remedies

Ayurveda is the most effective and natural treatment system for hair fall. If the problem is treated at the very beginning, then very good results can be seen.

Ayurveda has some great roots in treating hair fall from its core. Indulge in the new secrets of Ayurveda and cure yourself from within today

Hair growth tips for women 

Use products (shampoo, conditioner, serum, and hair oil) specially formulated for the nature of your hair (oily, normal, and dry). Take special care of hair in adverse weather. For example, in very hot weather, wrap such a cloth on the hair so that it is completely covered. Do not rub the towel to dry the hair. Let them dry on their own. Avoid using heat tools like a hairdryer on the hair. To grow hair, it is necessary to cut hair once a month. For better results, massage with coconut, mustard, or castor oil on the roots. Include enough protein, iron, zinc, omega-rich foods in your diet for hair growth.

Banana hair mask for long hair

The banana hair mask is very beneficial for hair, which also helps in giving shine and length to the hair. For this, mash a fully ripe banana and mix it with 2 teaspoons of honey. Apply it to the full length of the hair and leave it for half an hour. This gives shine to the hair and you will see that your hair looks thick and has started growing quickly.

Aromatic Jatamansi

Hair Growth Remedy, Jatmansi is a commonly found Ayurvedic herb that is helpful in hair growth. It removes impurities from the blood and gives increasing complexion. It helps in hair growth in many ways. You can take it as a medicine or apply it directly to the hair. Remember that capsules should not exceed 6mg while using as medicine.

Indian Gooseberry for Long Hair

Popularly known as Amla in India, this Ayurvedic herb is used to treat the condition of indigestion in the body. It is actually very effective in controlling hair fall. Even today, women use amla powder along with henna in their hair. Vitamin C is rich in this natural product.

So, try these remedies and enjoy the essence of Ayurveda 

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