Hair loss and Traya Health

One-third of the world is suffering from hair loss. Despite the market being flooded with products, no change has been seen in one's hair loss. Traya Health offers to change this with personalised solutions.

One-third of the world is suffering from hair loss. Many factors are driving both men and women to lose their hair. Hair loss has now become a $4 billion industry in India. Big players like Dr Batra’s, Kaya and RichFeel are lending transplants and therapies to treat hair loss whereas Indulekha and Kesh King are providing Ayurveda-based oils to treat hair loss for the masses. yet the masses suffer from this problem. 

Altaf Saiyed went through a hair loss phase where he tried many solutions but nothing worked. Being a biochemist from Glasgow University he spoke to multiple dermatologists to see what they prescribed. Along with the allopathy solutions, he started incorporating Ayurvedic practices to improve his overall well-being. 3 months later he saw the results. He not only gained a full set of hair but also lost weight in the process. 

Saiyed along with Saloni Anand, a techie-turned-marketeer decided to start a venture that provided personalised and effective hair loss solutions by combining ayurveda, allopathy, and nutrition. Allopathy helped them directly tackle the hair issue, Ayurveda helped them improve overall health and diet addressed the nutritional deficiencies resulting in hair fall.

Along with being a biochemist, Saiyed also did his MBA from Stanford Business School. He had previously founded Hav Gourmet in 2015. Saloni had completed her Computer SCience degree from Cummins College and worked as a healthcare data analyst at Castlight. She had also headed a SaaS product startup,  

The duo launched Tatvartha Health in 2019 with Rs 15 lakhs from their own savings. They built a questionnaire where people filled in the details regarding their hair problem and their lifestyle. Based on this information, the team of doctors would make a customised prescription. The venture addressed all the causes of hair problems and 95% of their target audience fell in the age group of 25 to 35 years.

Their first institutional funding raised Rs 4.5 crore and rebranded Tatvartha Health to Traya Health. The funds were raised by Kae capital and Whiteboard Capital. Recently, they raised $2.2 million in their pre-Series A funding round led by Fireside Ventures. Existing investors Kae Capital and Whiteboard Capital also participated in the round.

Are customised solutions the future of many healthcare problems? 

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