Healthy Drinks to Include in Your Diet

Whether you’re eating well or not, healthy drinks are essential for your health. It will make you feel better and healthier.

With so much healthy conversation going on these days, not many people talk about the drinks or fluids we should have. Our body needs around 2-3 litres of fluids each day to flush out all the toxins through urine. As we see in hospitals, they always give IVs to patients because that fluid directly goes into our blood, which removes the toxins and purifies the body.

Of course, water is most important, increasing water intake is must but some people don't like drinking too much plain water. Healthy drinks can be an alternative. Drinks are as important to us as solid food. They can be plain drinks, juices, smoothies, or purees.

The New Year has just started, and we might have enjoyed it with a lot of unhealthy drinks and caffeine. But let's make the resolution for this year of focusing more on drinking water, healthy beverages and juices. There are plenty of drinks that give you more nutritional value than just hydration.

Let's check out some of them:

Lemon water - It is recommended to start your day with lemon water. It is one of the most powerful immune boosters. It keeps you hydrated and improves digestion, and a teaspoon of honey will help you lose weight. 

Green Tea - Instead of starting your day with tea or coffee, having green tea will improve mental awareness, reduce weight, and relieve headaches.

Coconut Water - We see patients, who are always advised to drink coconut water. Because it keeps your body hydrated, keeps your heart healthy, and is high in potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure.

Kombucha tea - It is a fermented and sweetened black tea drink. It contains probiotics that promote healthy bacteria in the gut. These bacteria help in digestion and also help your body absorb vitamins and minerals.

Beet Juice - Beet juice is a great source of nitrates and potassium. Nitrates help with blood pressure and improve brain function, while potassium helps with cardiovascular health.

Infused water - Infused water is a go-to option for people who don’t like plain water and don’t have time to make smoothies and juices. Just add sliced fruit or vegetables, or herbs to plain water, and you're good to go. A flavourful yet nutritious drink to have at anytime.

In Ayurveda, it is advised to take a liquid diet once in a while to cleanse your body. Although it is not a forced diet, you can take it slow as per your comfort. When you give one day of rest to your gut and digestion process, it works better the next day.

The average percentage of water in a person's body is around 60%, which we lose throughout the day through sweat and urine. Let's increase our hydration and water intake to keep it going.

Increasing your fluid intake benefits you in a variety of ways, including keeping you hydrated, cleansing your body, providing clear skin, controlling your body temperature, regulating your blood pressure, and promoting proper kidney function, and so on. Start this New Year with drinking more water and healthy beverages.

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